Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Confession

I love to watch the Bachelorette. Yes, I know that it is probably the biggest hoax in the world, and yes I also know that in the like twenty seasons that it has been on, only one of the couples have gotten married and stayed married. But, in this summer season of absolutely NOTHING to watch (I don't have cable, so no HGTV for me) it entertains me. I love it when the Bachelor or Bachelorette says, "I am really starting to believe that this process works, I am falling in love with these guys (or girls in the case of the Bachelor) and I really believe that I can be engaged by the end of this show." Um, seriously? The funny thing is I ACTUALLY think that they think that it is going to work for them this time, so I say knock yourself out! It's more entertaining when you are "all in". Know what I mean?

They just aired my favorite episode this week. It is the episode where the Bachelorette meets the potential hubbies family. And of course they didn't disappoint! They had them all, the crazy family, the somewhat normal family, the sceptical/cautious family and of course the hopeless romantics. After watching the show, it got me thinking about what it would have looked like if a camera crew was following me or my family when we first me the "in-laws".

For example, the first time I met Steve's family. They served me "chicken" enchiladas for dinner. Only it wasn't chicken. I knew as I was eating that the "chicken" was really chewy and kind of hard to cut, but it actually did taste like chicken. In fact at one point during dinner, I was having a hard time cutting one of the chicken pieces, and as I was struggling to cut it, the piece kind of flung acroos the room. Only noone seemed to notice, except me. Or if they did, no one said a word. So I left it. On the floor. And then when dinner was over, I nonchalantly went over and picked it up in my napkin and then threw it away, and no one was any the wiser. Like I was saying though, they didn't tell me at the time that it wasn't chicken. It wasn't until I put two and two together after we were married that I figured out what it was. I knew at the time that they had rabbits in the backyard, but I thought they were pets. However AFTER we got married, I learned that he raised them for meat. That's right, for meat. Those enchiladas were rabbit enchiladas. They fed me Thumper for dinner. And didn't tell me. Probably a good thing too, or my last name right now would not be what it is. {not really I don't think, but I do wonder if I knew if it would have affected my thinking or not.}

Then there was the time we met my sister-in-law Cindy for the first time. She came out at Christmas time to meet my parents, so my sister Michelle and I were home from school also. We almost killed her. For reals. One night we went to bed and the pilot light went out on the furnace. It was crazy though that it seemed like we all came to the realization that the house was filling up with gas at the same moment. I remember sleeping on the couch and then all of a sudden, I sat up and knew that the house had gas in it, and right at that moment, my Dad comes flying out of his room to turn off the furnace. My other siblings have mentioned similar things. Good thing she didn't take that as a bad omen and married him anyway. It is funny if you think about it in a twisted sort of way.

Then there was the time we met Heather. She was coming to our house and again ALL of us were there. ALL of us, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, my other sister and her husband, and me and my kids. So it was the classic MEET the family. Of course we were all increadibly nice, in fact my sister Lisa, sister-in-law Cindy and I went all over the town looking for Tulips since that was her favorite flower and Jim wanted a bouquet for her when she got there (I know, how did one of us wind up a romantic? - don't worry though he isn't too much of a freak because I don't think he does that kind of stuff anymore, so he's back to normal again). I was actually REALLY surprised how hard it was to find Tulips, but we did find them, and of course, she LOVED our family and had to marry Jim to be a part of it. The funny thing about her coming was Jim actually proposed to her while she was there, and we all knew it was happening before she did and were waiting on pins and needles for them to get back from him proposing (on the beach - I KNOW, where did he come from!). I wonder though, what we all looked like when they walked in the door. I know we were trying to act normal, but I bet we didn't. I mean seriously, how do you act normal, when JIM is getting engaged and all of us were still in shock because he ACTUALLY talked to a girl in the first place, let alone ask her on a date over and over again and then ask her to marry him. It was a shocker to say the least.

Sorry Brett, but I don't remember a thing about meeting you, but maybe that is a good thing because that means you are normal, and everything went good. Right? Or maybe I just wasn't there. But you are a good addition to the family, we need some stability - and no I am not calling you boring. Actually I think the fact that we hung out on the veranda with you at David's apartment a couple of times, just makes it seem like you've always been there. Sometime it would be fun to hear your version of meeting my family though because I am sure that it is a pretty boring story considering how normal and not weird we are.

Lisa's husband Blaine, well... what do I say?... You just have to meet him and then that will speak volumes! He's just a lot more lively of a person than the rest of us. I am actually having a hard time coming up with a way to describe it. I mean none of this in a bad way because honestly our family get to gethers would be pretty boring if it weren't for Blaine. If you ever have some spare time, search "blaineusa" on youtube some time, and you'll see what I mean. {My favorites are his trying out the nose cleaner and getting psyched, and the bird one is kind of funny too, I just hope that there weren't any eggs in the nest Blaine}

And that is my thoughts of meeting our in-laws. Or at least my family's in-laws. And so far so good. We are all still married, all have WAY too many kids (not really) and for the most part have a good time together. So there you have it, that's what I'm sayin'.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's been a while

Can you see my smile? I am one happy Mama! Not to jinx things or anything, but I think that it is safe to say that Jayden is potty trained! So I just might be officially done with all that crap! Yes, literally! It took some of my not so proud mothering skills to get him to go poop in the toilet. But he finally did and we could not be happier. He even celebrated with an ice cream cone, and I let him play video games for the rest of the day. Dr. Phil said that every kid had their price and I guess the video games are his. In fact this morning when he woke up, the first thing he told me was he wanted to poop in the toilet so that he could play video games. And being the fantastic mother that I am, I let him. But seeing as how I have been in this place with the two older than Jayden and had to somewhat start back at square one at some point, I am cautiously optomistic and knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder and praying and wishing and hoping and so on and so on, that this is it!

And hopefully in the next few days with most of our computer problems behind us, I will be able to get back into the blogging thing because 6 months is a long time, and I have A LOT to say! Just sayin'...