Friday, October 31, 2008


Did you know that candy corn is made with "Real Honey"? That's right, says so on the bag. Did you also know that licorice is "fat free"? Seriously! Let's call it what it is, it's candy. No other way to put it. So it's got some sort of healthyness to it, but it still is a treat. So don't ruin it for me Mmm K? I take full responsibility for my "junk" eating. Sometimes there is some satisfaction in being naughty that way. And while I'm on it, what is the deal with Tic Tacs? Have you seen how many flavors there are lately of them? These "breath mints" have become more than mints. There are citrus mix, cinnamon (which I DO NOT think qualifies for a mint), orange, and strawberry. So, are they breath mints or not? This whole hiding the fact that candy is candy is a little beyond me. So, Happy Halloween, eat candy (for what it is) and enjoy! I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

That guy over there...

Today's post was going to be about Prop 8, but then I saw the thing on TV last night with this guy...

Have I ever told you that I don't like this guy? I have to say that after the whole shinanigan that McCain and Huckabee did against Mitt Romney, I told Steve that I was going to vote for Obama. Now I am taking that back. (The shinanigan I'm talking about is I REALLY think that Huckabee stayed in the Republican Primary too long just to increase McCain's chances of getting the nomination. I know that McCain was asked about it and denies it, but who would admit to it? That isn't something you can prove.)

Our home teacher once told us a story about a guy who was working in the FBI or something like that who was going into an apartment of a hostile. When they knock on the door, a guy answered and at first impression, the FBI guy (or maybe he was DEA and this was a drug bust - like I said I can't remember) didn't think that he was the bad guy because he had such a nice smile. Then, as he brushed past the guy to bust into the apartment, he had the prompting to beware of the evil behind the "smiling eyes." When the FBI guy turned back, the guy had a gun.

That's the vibe I get with this guy. I just think that there is something not right with him. And last night, his 30 minute info-mercial proved it. I think we are in serious trouble if he wins.

I still think that McCain isn't a great choice either, but I have to admit that I really like Sarah Palin. I don't mind that she isn't the best public speaker or interviewer and that she can babble. I babble like the best of them and I don't think that makes me stupid. I just think that makes me a bad public speaker.

So, Heaven help us if he wins... I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What were you thinking?

The other day on the news I heard a story about a guy who was trying to rob a gas station. In his attempt, he just took the whole cash register and ran. Apparently, in his excape, he had to drop the register when he couldn't get it and himself over a fence fast enough to evade capture. I would just like to know what was he thinking? Did he actually plan this out, or was it a fly by the seat of his pants kind of thing? One of those, "I'm a little low on cash, and the car needs gas, maybe I'll pick up some cash and some gas at the same time" kind of things. He obviously failed to plan. Did he even take into account that those cash registers are heavy? It would have been a sight to see though, this guy trying to run away with a register. Can you picture it?

So, this leads me to my thought for today. How carefully do we plan things out? Are we fly by the seat of our pants kind of people, or do we thoughtfully consider everything? I know that there are some situations you can't plan for, but you have to have some plan in mind for life right?

Monday I had a conversation with someone, we'll call her X. We were talking about this other someone we know (call her Y), whose husband is being deployed. Y was saying that she is going crazy. What happens if something happens to Mr. Y? Would she be able to support her family? Does she have the skills required to be hireable, or would someone even hire her since she's not exactly young anymore? X told her she shouldn't even be worried about that, just concentrate on her day to day stuff. Okay, I can see x's point, but I am so not that way. My response would have been, "Yea, that is a really great point, what would you do?" Then I would say to get planning. Because to me, the comfort would come in the the knowing that if anything did happen, you would be OK. You have a plan, and could make it if something went wrong. I don't plan on my hubby dying, but I totally have a plan if he does. It's that whole "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear thing."

But what about the saying to replace your fears with Faith? What then. Am I not showing faith by being prepared? Or does it take both? Something to think about and all because of a stupid criminal. Who, by the way, got exactly what he deserved... nothing. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This week's poll...

I have been thinking that it is time to be a little more "structured" with this blog. I have seen other people do similar things, and I have found that I look forward to reading their blogs on certain days. Monday's feature was the madness! of the past week. And today is the weekly poll.

The question of the week? What is worse, laundry or dishes? I know that MANY of you have an opinion on this subject. My honest opinion is whatever I have to do. But, if you HAD to choose, what would you choose? Make sure you take the poll on the side, and then leave your opinion. I'll let you know what I'm sayin' next Tuesday (so that I don't sway your vote)...

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Madness!

If you ask me to do something, by all means, let me do it... Don't second guess me and do your own version "just in case I forget", and don't flat out do it because you'll probably do a better job. Face it, you probably could do a better job, but at least give me the chance to try and do as good a job as you would. And on the flip side, if I ask you to do something, just do it! Mmm K? For those of you SouthPark junkies :)


Why must the police put up those electronic Speed limit signs? You know, the ones that FLASH IN YOUR FACE when you are going over the speed limit? Umm, don't you think I know that? I am in a hurry, and honestly, there are no cop cars around, and it is a pretty deserted road right now, so I am going to
Why is it that your kids will leave you alone when you are sitting there doing nothing except staring at them, but the minute you decide to read while you are sitting there, they have to come up and bug you? Or, why is it that they could be off playing having a grand old time, so you think "Hey, they are all occupied how about I go try and blog..." So, you sneak in your room, turn off the sound of the computer so they don't hear it start up, get all signed in and start reading and Argh! they are right there, "Mom, can I check my webkinz?"
"Um, no, go play you were playing just fine before and I am on the computer right now."
"Well, I'll just wait here until you are done..."
Talk about a killjoy!
It is only 11:30 in the morning and I am on my fourth poopy and fortieth nose wipe. When Jayden is cutting teeth, that's what happens. ALL the time.
So, that's what's bugged me this week. How about you?
I'm just sayin'.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wait! Can I take that back?

I have been reminded way to much lately about a guy I used to date. I will call him "Darnell" (I have to protect the innocent afterall, but my code-name should be enough for those who know him to know EXACTLY who I am talking about). Anyway, he's a nightmare. No way else to put it.

First reminder: Saturday I went to make my kids some pancakes for breakfast, and my griddle broke. It's this waffle iron below that is supposed to be a waffle iron, but it has the plates you can flip over and use as a griddle. I have NEVER used it to make waffles, we got a belgian waffle iron as a wedding gift and just use that for waffles and this for pancakes. Anyway, Darnell's parents got us this as a wedding gift. Funny huh? Did any of your ex-boyfriends parents come to your wedding reception? So, I had to make pancakes in a pan, and this is totally OFF the subject, but pancakes are REALLY yummy in a pan. How do you make them?
Reminder number 2: Steve and I were invited over to a neighbor's house to watch the BYU football game. They are kind of new neighbors and so we were doing the whole "Where did you grow up?" kind of thing. And wouldn't you know it, but he grew up RIGHT BY the guy I used to date. Didn't really know him, but still for that split second when my neighbor says, "Oh, I grew up in {gasp} C-O-V-I-N-A {now I'm hyperventilating!}". And I am trying to decide if I actually admit I dated the guy or not. But then I totally blurb out with a "Blah" and then have to explain myself so I don't look like a complete idiot to my new neighbors.

*sid note* - For those psycho internet stockers (and I know they exist-finish the story and you will too!), I didn't grow up in Covina, just around there. We just met in a round about way.

That is one of those moments when you seriously wish that you can take it back. That you can just zip back in time like Hermione in Harry Potter and just change it all! He just wasn't one of those great boyfriends, know what I mean? I am sure all of YOU have guys like that you dated.

For example, guys that show up at your new singles ward and tell all the guys in your Family Home Evening group that that's your girl, and pass around the word that she's taken. You know, "keep and eye out for me and I'll beat up anyone who doesn't get the message."

Or guys that come and see you ALL THE TIME unexpectedly just to "check up on you" when they live in an entirely DIFFERENT STATE.

Or guys that one day after you have "broken up" just show up at your sacrament meeting, and sit in the back row and glare at you through out. Then do the same in Sunday School. And then when you come out of Relief Society and feel relief that they aren't there in the lobby after church only to walk home and hear a BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! on your front door and when your roommate answers, you hear a "Where's Andrea? We need to talk..." So, you go talk to him out in the lobby and find out that he is ticked because last night he FOLLOWED YOU while you were on a date with someone else and he's bugged because you just don't seem very sad that you've broken up. Yep, that's right I am not sad at all, so go home.

Or, the guy that buys you the Work and the Glory Series (It was popular at the time - and only a couple of books were out at the time) and tells you that he is trying to buy you back.

Or the guy that goes and visits your Dad in CALIFORNIA just because.

Or the guy that finds out where you live AFTER YOU ARE MARRIED and just drives by your house!

That's right, I only wish I was just kidding. And I REALLY wish that I could take it back. Which brings me somewhat to my point (I know that this is long enough). Why are girls in such a hurry to date? It is not all fun and games. And you need some maturity to be able to handle some of these kinds of situations. Don't be in such a rush to grow up, know what I'm sayin'?

Friday, October 17, 2008

I think I need to clarify...

So, about those IUD's...

I am a little bugged. I usually type up these blogs and save them in my drafts and then come back and read them again before I post them. Just to make sure that there isn't anything in them that would offend anyone, etc. When I went back and read the IUD one, I must have deleted more than I intended to because I left out the best parts.

For example, I left out the part about "I Am Legend". You know, that movie with Will Smith where some vacination that is supposed to save people from all sorts of illness ends up turning everyone into monsters. (See where I am going with this?) Maybe these IUD's is like that. Maybe this great device that is supposed to save us all from periods is actually going to turn us all into monsters.

And the most important part of all. Even with the emotions and moodiness, (which may not even be related to IUD's at all - maybe it is just the fact that I am getting older and kids in primary are just so stinking cute!) I LOVE the IUD. And I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.

The post was just me trying to be funny, but aparently I missed the mark. Sorry... I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Check out "Bad Service" below...

I started the post last Friday and forgot to post it, so now when I posted it, it moved down to before the one I did yesturday. So, don't miss it!

Monday, October 13, 2008


That's right, IUD, can't quite think about what the I, U and D stand for at the moment, but it's the pill's alternative. On Saturday, Lisa asked me if my IUD did anything weird to me. Um, no...I don't think so. I love it, it takes the period away, and who wouldn't love that right?

* I just realized men probably don't want to read this one, but oh well!

I asked her what she meant, and she asked about moodiness, hormone imbalance, bloating...

* I just realized maybe Lisa doesn't want to read this either, or doesn't want other's reading it...can I say sorry in advance?

Anyway, I told her that I noticed bloating, but I would rather be bloated than bleeding, so it was a fair trade. Besides, take a midol and that pretty much goes away. She said that she notices that she is more emotional and edgy, not to mention bloated, etc. So keep that in mind as I go on, that is what has been on MY MIND, am I more emotional and edgy too? And is it related to the IUD or not?

So, Sunday comes, one of the little girls in Primary gives the CUTEST PRAYER EVER! All by herself, and it makes me cry. But then, it made one other lady cry too, so maybe it was just a cute prayer, (or maybe she has an IUD too?) Then, the kids sing really cute, and I cry. Then, the sharing time, I cried again. Keep in mind, it isn't my turn for sharing time. I cried at someone else's sharing time presentation. Oh yeah, I forgot about Sacrament meeting when the young women sang. Sher starts playing the piano, and I feel a knot in my throat.

So, you get the picture I cried A LOT on Sunday.

Then, today, trying to get Spencer to go to school. I wanted to cry because he doesn't like it, I wanted to wring his neck for not being cooperative, and I wanted to laugh because who knows why? (Or, why not? Every other emotion is going on). So, I go through the empathy stage where I was saying things like, "I'm coming in an hour and a half, if you still have a tummy ache, you can come home." Or, "I know you will have some work to make up, but I'll sit with you after school while you get it done." Or "I already have your clothes on your bed for you, you don't even have to decide what to wear." To, "Ok, stay home, but you have to stay in bed all day... You can't play video games... After school when your friends call you to play, you won't be able to..." To, "Spencer you have ten minutes to get out the door. You can either hurry and get dressed in your clothes, or I am sending you out the door with your jammies on (I wish I would have stopped there because that would have been so love and logic of me, but I didn't, I went on to add) and that would be embarrassing because then everyone at school would know that you wear a pull-up to bed." Of course, I am (kind of) yelling at this point because I can't get a grip on myself.

* He did make it out in time for the bus - in clothes! Good choice him!

Then when I got to his school, I got there a few minutes early and his class was still out to recess, so I dropped by Melissa's class to take a book that I saw she had left at home, and she was at the library, so I took a minute to talk to her teacher. Just talking to her teacher made me tear up. Then, I go to Spencer's class and he says, "Mom, I'm so glad you made me come to school today." Again, tears! And no, it doesn't end there!

Oh, and I forgot that I bumped my head dropping Jenna off for preschool, and I seriously wanted to cry about that too! Come on!

Back to the school, I was in the office checking out, and two kids who had bumped into each other were in the office and that made me tear up. Then Jayden was so excited to see me, then I saw Levier's scrapbook he's doing for Amanda... WHAT IS THE DEAL! And no, I am not pregnant! This has happened before, yeah, like once a month! Which brings me back to my original thought... it's the IUD. And maybe this happens once a month. Not in conjunction with the bloating because that is not right now, but maybe when it is like a different time of the month, but monthly, maybe it is part of my new IUD cycle? What do you think? I'm just sayin'.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad Service

I went out to lunch on Thursday with some of my friends for one of their birthdays. Occasionally I will splurge and get a soda to drink. This time I did. I asked for a Diet Coke (and so did one other lady at the table). When she brought our drinks back, it was DIET PEPSI! Which is disgusting when you are expecting Coke. My friend was very nice about it and said that she wasn't sure if she misunderstood or what, but if she knew that they sold Pepsi products instead of Coke Products, she would have gotten a Dr. Pepper instead. Then she very nicely asked if she could have a Dr. Pepper. The server goes, "I said it was Pepsi, not Coke." Um, no, you didn't I was there and there was no mention of Pepsi. SO, needless to say, I drank my Pepsi (because we all know I am a whimp) and then on refill asked for a Dr. Pepper. I'm not as brave as my friend. The sucky service didn't stop there. The girl was hard to get ahold of to even ask a question. She was not very nice, hardly spoke other than "what do you want?" Then to top it all off, gratuity is added anyway, because our party was too big. So, how do you punish the server for being a dip? I'm just sayin'.

*Funny side note* I ordered "a nooner." That's right, that is what my lunch was called. I did fine ordering it strait faced until my friend sitting across from me started to snicker and then it was all over from there. I could hardly get the rest out.

To comment or not to comment...

That IS the question. What is the protocol with comments? Should you ALWAYS leave a comment just to let them know you read their blog? Or do you only leave a comment if you have something interesting to say? Can you comment on old posts, or should you only leave a comment on the most recent?

Regardless of the protocol, I think the old addage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" fits. I was just looking at Red Tulip Photography blog. She is AMAZING when it comes to picture-taking. And there is a post called "A note from the photographer" and I am flabberghasted! Do people really need to be so mean? Look at her work! It is FABULOUS (did you see the pictures of the candy bars on her fam blog? Can you say YUMMY?)! Why do you have to say anything at all? Didn't anyone ever teach you manners? What is that saying - "It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt"?

And what about hate emails? What purpose do they serve? Does it really make you feel better? I enjoy a good rant as much as the next person, but come on! Keep people's feelings in mind! Grow up! That said, I love commments, just be nice...Just sayin'.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How should I put this?

If you are going to wear pants where we can see your unmentionables, make sure your undies are on strait. We already know that you dress trashy, but do you have to be so sloppy about it? I'm just sayin'.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I thought it was interesting that today when I logged in to MSN, there was a "tease" for an article about how smells and dreams are related. The article said that bad smells equal bad dreams.

Maybe those nights that I have bad dreams are related to me stinking. Maybe I have bad breath, or I need to shower, or Steve has gas... I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Sampler...

Just thought I would give you a sample as to just how my mind works...

I have something I have been wanting to rant about, but then I can't. Because I don't want to hurt the person's feelings. I think she might read my blog, but then I am not so sure. She has in the past, but I don't know anymore because she isn't a regular commenter. So it will sit and stew. When I rant it out, I feel better and I don't think about it anymore.

The last time I had a lump in my stew pot, I wrote it in a letter and threw it away. It felt good to just write it down and get it out. But seeing as how the art of letter writing has died with me. I like to type it out and send it into cyberspace.

Speaking of which, on the kids show Cyberspace (PBS) there was an episode where all of the static from cyberspace that usually got stored somewhere, was deprogramed by "The Hacker" and instead got re-routed to different sites in cyberspace. The different sites in cyberspace were getting inundated with this cyberspace static. What if that happened to me? What if all of a sudden all of the static that I send out into "cyberspace" came back to me?

Maybe it does! Maybe all of those crazy random dreams that I have is all of that static coming back! I am a crazy dreamer. There are some nights where I go from one crazy dream to another. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have run a marathon all night. Like I have actually gone from chasing a burglar, to trying to save my drowning kid, to driving down the freeway and it is all falling apart, to being partnered with Remington Steele (Pearce Brosnan) and trying to solve a case, to being a guard in a prison. (For real that was in one night).

So, would you call that static or not? Do other people have crazy dreams like that? And will I have crazy dreams tonight because I have something sitting in my stew pot? Will I be able to find something else to rant about? Because right now, the other thing is blocking all other thoughts. I'm just sayin'!

What are you sayin? Do you have crazy dreams? What do you do when there is something in your stew pot?