Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Heather! I'll bring the toothbrush to you next time I see you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Because I like the taste...

These cartoons seem to say it all...

It seems to happen to me from time to time. Especially when I am tired and my filter is a little slow. Well, it happened to me again. I said something that once I said it, I realized that it didn't sound like it did in my head. However, before I could even clarify, someone (who I wasn't even talking to) jumped all over it. Called me rude and started to rip me up one side and down the other and on and on, blah, blah, blah.... So at that point, of course I just wanted to cry, and I wish I could have clarified myself to the actual person that I said it too, but it would have just come out a blubbering mess. The thing that made it even worse, is that the person that was chewing me out, was totally making assumptions and judgements about me that were totally unfounded. And she knows me. It isn't like we are strangers. She should know that I am not that way right? So what do you do in that situation? I just walked away... it was one of those moments that I wished I wasn't so emotional. Just sayin'.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Funny, I couldn't remember how to spell the word, so I looked it up in the dictionary - online of course because who would actually go look in a dictionary. The funny thing was, one of the five definitions given was "the belief that goodness pervades reality". Ha! so does that mean it's not real? Just a belief?

Two Sundays ago we had a lesson in church about optimism. We talked about always looking for the silver lining in everything, so this past week, here was my attempt at optimism:

  • To the snow - at least it will warm up enough to not hang around...
  • To the cold - I get to have Hot Chocolate everyday if I want...
  • To Jayden pooping on the carpet (twice if you must know) - at least he took his pants and undies off. That tells me he actually knew that he needed to go poop - he is capable. Even if he doesn't want to. That means I can punish him for his naughty choice.
  • To the kids not wanting to eat what I made for dinner - More for me to eat.
  • To Steve working a TON - I got sole control of the TV remote.
  • Jayden throwing up in the middle of the night - at least it was only once and didn't get on the carpet.
  • Stake Conference on Sunday - We could play hookie and no one would know.

I know, for every ONE reason that I came up with for it to be a good thing, I can think of AT LEAST THREE different reasons why it sucked... just sayin'.

Pobanz Orthodontics in Ogden, Utah

Last week, I was given the opportunity to attend my first ever "blogging event". My friend Motherboard who is kind of like a celbrity in the blogging world, invited me to join a group of local bloggers to tour a local orthodontist office and write up a review about it. When I told my Sister in law Heather about it, she said, "Do they know that you don't always give rave reviews about everything?" Probably not, but at least you'll know that it's an honest one, right? The Orthodontist, was Dr. John Pobanz. That is him on the front row.

To begin with, we met in the waiting area for everyone to arrive. And as we were waiting there, the cute office lady offered us some bottled water, which at first I thought was because they were putting their best foot forward for us, wanting a great review. However, that was NOT the case. They do that for EVERYONE! Because that is just the way they are. Seriously, you can tell that the people who work there love their job. We were there for a couple of hours, and let's face it, you can't fake being that nice for that long.

They took us on a tour of their facility, showing us all of the things that they have to offer. Including all of the different types of braces that they offer. {Boy braces have come a long way since we got em!} They offer Invisalign, SureSmile and the Damon System (which actually uses a robot to shape the wire in a way that would be most beneficial for the patient - like I said braces have come a long way). I learned that they have become so efficient at braces that you don't actually have to have them on as long now as we did.

I was really impressed with how up to date and knowledgeable Dr. Pobanz was. He is constantly researching the newest stuff out there and not only that, but he publishes in medical magazines. When you are dealing with something that will affect your physical look in the future, you want the best right? I know what you are thinking, sometimes people like that are so knowledgeable, they are hard to communicate with, but not this guy, he is really down to earth and explains thing really well. He is the type of doctor and has the type of staff that I would not hesitate to call up and ask about any questions or concerns that I am having. The other nice thing is he actually talks to the patient, not just the parents. He makes sure that they understand what is going on. He has parties for the kids when they get their braces off, they have theme days, where the staff dresses up, and the office itself is just a fun place to be.
The parent waiting chairs in the exam room is an actual ski lift chair.

There are video games and TV's in the waiting area.

And of course a "brushing station" for those kids who come to the office straight from school. The station is even equipped with prepasted toothbrushes for you to use. {See what I mean, they are just that way - they think of everything when it comes to making your ortho visit fun.}

They did give us a fun gift bag that included a teeth whitening kit for us as a "thanks for coming". Here I am getting my teeth molded for my whitening kit...

Which I was super impressed with the girl who did my impressions, when I told her that I have a hard time with getting impressions, she did a good job of talking me through it, and I only had to do it once. And that is no small feat.

Also included in the Thank You bag, was an Oral-B, CrossAction Rechargeable toothbrush for us to give away on our blog. So, if you want to win the toothbrush, leave me a comment, and on Friday, I will randomly select one person to win it! I'll post next Monday who the winner is...

All around, it was a fun afternoon, probably the most fun I've ever spent in any sort of dental office and I've certainly been in plenty. In fact it makes me excited for Melissa to get braces - just sayin'.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The answer to your maturing problems!

I subscribe to a Daily deal on-line. Everyday, they send me a new deal good for that day only, and here's what was waiting for me in my in-box!

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and say, "When did I get so old? What happened to my face in the last five years?" Instead of looking five years older, it's more like fifteen. There are fine lines creeping up on your forehead, laugh lines framing your mouth, crow's feet encroaching on your eyes, and a fatigued dim topping it off. You miss the supple skin, fresh eyes, and youthful glow of previous days.
If you are aging exponentially, don't panic. Although Enlighten Laser Cosmetics can't skim the last five years off your age, they can certainly remove the damage done to your complexion, with a variety of services that will help you recognize that young, sprightly, woman in the mirror again. Today's deals are an answer to your maturing problems.
Whatever... I don't think I call those "maturing" problems. "Maturing" problems for me always meant having a period at the most inopportune time, or a flat chest while your friends are all sporting C - sized bras, or a zit-covered forehead from using too much hairspray to achieve my "bangs to heaven" look. I mean let's call it what it is... we are getting old!

Steve and I recently ran the Ragnar with Steve's coworkers and spouses. Our team name was "Hard Assets" - they are a bunch of accountants. It is a 195 mile relay race where there are 12 runners in 2 vans. Basically the two vans leapfrog from one exchange to the other and it took our team about 32 hours to complete. I was runner number 12. In our van, Steve and I were the older ones. We had a couple who just barely got engaged (she ran, he drove) and then another guy who has a 6 month old child and another couple who have a 15 month old. When we got in the car to drive down to the race (it was in Vegas) Steve was driving and I was in the front seat and one of the guys goes, "You guys are like the Mom and Dad of the trip." Which ended up sticking, they referred to us as Mom and Dad quite a bit. Then at one point, we were at one of the exchanges and a lady comes up to the van and asked which one of us was runner 12. They said that it was me, and we began talking about the previous run which was an 8 mile up hill run on a rocky trail at 2 in the morning. When we were just about done talking, she goes, "Well, I'll see you at the finish line Mom." Seriously...

I used to look forward to being in my thirties. It just didn't seem like anyone took you seriously as a Mom when you were only twenty-something. However, now that I am here, I wouldn't mind just slowing them down a bit.

I must admit, I am looking old these days, and I swear in the last five years, I have aged exponentially. Those fine lines, crows feet, laugh lines, and fatigued dim topping it off? Check, check, check and check! Having kids will do that to you, but I certainly wouldn't trade any of the last five years for anything, so tonight vefore I go to bed, I am going to look in the mirror, slap on a bunch of age-defying cream and then whatever is left in the morning, so be it! Just sayin'.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bedside manner matters!

In our quest to get this girls feet fixed, we decided to seek a second opinion on her bunions. And boy! what a difference a doctor can make!

This time, we took her to a podiatrist. We actually talked to a podiatrist in another state to see if he had an opinion about what kind of a doctor would be a better fit for bunions (now that we knew they were bunions). He gave us some good things to think about, as far as what to look for in a good doctor, what kind of questions to ask, etc. So I called my neighbor across the street who has yet to steer me wrong when it comes to doctors. She suggested a podiatrist that has actually seen her daughter, so I made an appointment. The crazy thing was, when I went and checked Melissa out of school for her appointment, my neighbor was at the school checking out her daughter for an appointment (I know, what are the chances) her appointment was with an orthopedic doctor because the podiatrist had recommended that's what they should do. So, there's sign one of a good doctor, they aren't so full of themselves to think that they can solve it all. The other good thing about running into them is her daughter was able to tell Melissa how much she liked the doctor, so it put Melissa's mind at ease a bit.

The doctor came in and first examined her foot. He actually held it, bent it looked at it, measured her pain, felt the bones, etc. It hadn't donned on me before that the first doctor didn't actually LOOK at her foot. He just looked at the x-rays, and made a suggestion. This doctor looked at her foot from all sorts of angles, and measured her arches. And then was able to come up with a plan of action that will be the best for HER. WE (Steve and I) were sold on this guy.

However, that wasn't the best part, Melissa is sold on this doctor as well. All throughout the exam, when he was talking to us, he was talking directly to her as well. Explaining everything to her in ways that she would understand. He even asked her about her interests. He found out that she is really into dance. So, when he was dicussing her options, he made mention to how it would affect her dancing, what kind of recovery time was involved, and how when all was said and done, she wouldn't have to give up dancing. At one point, he looked at her and said, "What kind of questions do you have for me?" And then when she said she didn't have any, he said, "Well, let me tell you what kind of questions you might have as soon as all of this soaks in." And then proceeded to tell her all sorts of good stuff that probably are or will be concerns to her.

So, to end an already long story, Melissa will have surgery in the summer after her dance competitions are over and then most likely be able to begin dancing again in the fall. This doctor is also suggesting a different kind of a surgery that will hopefully mean less recovery time, and also not as much joint stiffness. He also doesn't seem to think that she will need the surgery again any time soon. He said that if she does need the surgery again, it will be well into her adult years. So more good news! Just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm bugged

... or so I think I am. Well, actually, I KNOW I'm bugged, I'm just trying to figure out if I should be or not. I posted on our family blog, (or at least I think it posts tomorrow) that Jenna has this new found love of reading. Her class has had a contest this past two months to see who could read the most minutes in month. Jenna won the first month hands down, and won this last month by a landslide as well. At parent teacher conference her teacher asked Jenna if it would be alright if she gave her a different prize other than the giant Mr. Potato head that was the prize she already got. Jenna said that would be just fine. And I am totally fine with that as well, however I am totally NOT fine with what she came home with yesterday. And no, I am not referring to the prize she got because honestly Jenna would have been happy with a sticker. I am bugged that she came home with a 2nd place certificate. Because clearly, she was not in second place. She read the most minutes, and now her certificate states otherwise.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't care about the recognition or whatever, but I am bugged at what it represents. It is as if her accomplishment has been down graded. I am sure the teacher was just thinking that perhaps the other kids might become more motivated knowing that they could have a chance to win the prize the following month. However, don't you think she could have said something like, "This month's winner was Jenna Gardner, however since she's already gotten the big prize, this month it is going to go to so and so." Don't you think the kids would have been motivated that they too could win the prize still.

It just leads me into the entire problem with schools. Why do we have to downplay what others do just so that we don't hurt people's feelings? Why can't kids just be inspired by greatness? Why have we downplayed grades? Our old school had gone to a 1,2,3 grading system. 1 means they don't really know the concept, 2 means they know it and 3 means they've mastered it. The kids new school actually does letter grades, so when my child comes home with anything but an A, I know there is room for improvement. And no I don't require my children to have all A's, I understand that some struggle, however, I also feel that when they don't get an A, I know better where I can help them.

I know that Utah is the lowest when it comes to how much we spend on Education per student, and somehow that needs to be addressed. However, why are we making matters worse by dumbing down the standards? It is so irritating. When I taught HS, the first year I had a normal grading system: 90% and above an A, 80% - 89% a B, and so on. However, the second year, as a department we decided to raise the standards, 92% and above was an A, 84% - 91% was a B, and so on. And you know what? Statistically, the number of students getting an A or a B or a C was essentially the same. Kids knew what they wanted, they knew what they needed to do it, and they acted accordingly. So why aren't we giving our kids higher standards? Why are we doping it down for them?

Argh! I feel my blood beginning to boil, so figure I should stop. However, my main delema now, is what do I do with the stupid certificate? I usually keep those things and scrapbook them, but I just don't think I can actually scrapbook this one. I'm just sayin'.

{So really, I am interested in knowing what you think on this one. Am I wrong for being bugged? How would you handle it?}