Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What were they thinking?

My poor kids, I think they inherited from me... And truth be told, I think I inherited it from my mom.

We run into things...

Like the wall, or the door, or the post that is standing there and has been standing there for the last century. Yea, it isn't moving so you have to. Or not, you can run into it, it just hurts.... A LOT!

For example, there was the time that I took the kids to the tree house museum and when I was walking around with the kids, ran into a post. I was thinking, "Uh, when did that post get there?" Because it was not there a minute ago when I looked. But I ran into it HARD and people looked up... and ... laughed. I would too, in fact I had to, laugh at myself that is because if I didn't I would have cried.

Something else that happens regularly is running into the door jamb. Like I just misjudge how wide the opening is and WHAM! Either that or I misjudge how wide I am.

So yesturday, Jenna went to the bathroom and when she came out, had a HUGE knot on her forehead. I asked her what was up with that and she replied, "I hit the doorknob coming out."

Spencer is notorious for this as well. He's always hitting the column that separates the dining room from the Family Room. A lot of times I will find myself saying, "Spencer, watch..." But never finish because he hits it and it's too late.

So now, it is confirmed that Jayden suffers from this as well. After we said prayers last night in our bedroom, he ran out to go to his room like the other kids did only in the process, he tripped over Daddy's foot, then hit the corner of the desk and the door jamb. UH, Sorry Jayden... you got that from me. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Poll of all Polls...

So, to answer the chocolate bit from two weeks ago, yeah, Chocolate is chocolate and it is all good. However, my favorite is dark. A really good combo is about a 66% cocoa with a Diet Coke. There is just something about the combo that makes me smile and puts me in my happy place in seconds. That said, one BIG NO NO in my mind is mixing chocolate and fruit. That is a major taboo. Seriously, those chocolate oranges (Blah!) or those orange or raspberry sticks (Double Blah!) who ever "invented" those ought to be shot. I will say that occasionally white chocolate and fruit can be mixed, but not the brown stuff, no way, don't mess with a good thing. Our ward gets the women Chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's day and it is always a disappointment. It is the one time I am happy to share it with the fam. Mint, caramel and toffee, are good chocolate additives. My favorite additive to chocolate though hands down would be peanut butter. Do you remember those commercials way back when about how a guy would be eating some chocolate and it happened to drop into some peanut butter? I don't know how it really came about, but I bless the day that it did. I'm just sayin'.

So, what does this new week bring? What is your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving?

Oh, and a side note about the picture below. Yes, that is a dead fish, and those are tears in Melissa's eyes. We have several pictures of her with things she's had to get rid of. For example, when we got a new car, we have a picture of her hugging the old one. Or a picture of her with some artwork from school that I was making her throw out. Or the time she cried forever because she was going to put her tooth under her pillow, but just couldn't bring herself to do it because the tooth fairy takes them. Do you know that she has only ever done it once. That's right, she sacrificed getting money so that she wouldn't have to give up her tooth. She's probably got ten teeth in her jewelry box. Oh, and for you who say that she could just write the tooth fairy a note and ask for her tooth to be left, forget it. The tooth fairy does not condone saving teeth! If she wants the tooth, then no money. I'm just sayin'.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's junk...

OK, so here are my thoughts this past week...

Am I the only one who is disturbed about the new Brad Pitt movie? The whole aging backwards thing? They did the same thing on the Mork and Mindy show, but that was comedy and this seems like it isn't. I mean if you think this thing through... At least from what I gather from the trailer that is out, this baby that looks like a Grandpa (disgusting) gets dropped off for someone, and they start raising it. And somewhere along the line, the baby starts getting younger. Then he falls in love when he looks like a normal adult, but keep going... What happens when he ages and starts to look like a kid? Gives new meaning to cougar woman... I think I'll skip it.

What in the heck are you guys getting your kids for Christmas? No matter how many times my kids ask, we are not getting a pet. If I thought that I could handle it, I would have another baby... Just kidding. We had fish once and boy, it about took all my patience to deal with those. They can't talk to you and tell you what they need, and I was always paranoid with how much I was feeding them. Goldfish will eat whether they are hungry or not, so they tell you not to overfeed them, and then one of the fish ate another fish and Melissa couldn't handle the whole fish diying thing. So, pets are out but they still ask for them.

More driving woes: I can't stand slow drivers who make you hit ALL THE RED LIGHTS because they are going WAY UNDER the speed limit. Usually lights are timed so that you hit a group green, but when someone is going SO SLOW, ARGH!!!!! It is especially maddening when they hit the yellow and continue through, leaving you to wait at the red light.

Spencer's teacher keeps sending him home from school. He tells her he doesn't feel good, and she goes have him call home. Spencer tells me his stomach hurts when he needs to go to the bathroom... Which is like everyday, he is NOT SICK! I know, I gotta do something about it, but there's more to it than just that and I am not sure I want to go into the full story.

Why do they make kids clothes so fat and women's clothes so skinny? My kids all walk around with saggy pants because the size they need for their height (except Melissa- cause she' short) don't fit around the waist. I mean not to get TMI on you or anything, but I finally went out and bought Jenna some bigger undies because she was always sitting there with bum crack showing. They are exactly snug around her legs, but it keeps her from being teased about being a plumber. And she can't stand belts. And we have to cinch up the adjustable wastebands so much, that they are uncomfy (and we are all about comfort).

I know there was one other thing that I was going to mention, but I can't think of it, and my list is MIA, so that's all I'm sayin'.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A new FYI...

FYI, I get my useless trivia from the Internet! There are things like that EVERYWHERE! People who donate their time to researching that kind of stuff and people like me who like to look it up, keep them going.

Just for the record, I don't watch the Discovery channel, because WE DON'T HAVE IT! I am probably one of the last in my neighborhood that doesn't have any sort of Cable or Satelite or TIVO. And you know what, we are surviving just fine. It is probably a good thing we don't because sometimes it is nice to be able to tell my kids that there really is nothing on.

Oh, and how do I watch the shows I miss you ask? With an old-fashioned VCR. I hand set it everytime I want to watch something, but can't right at the moment. Then I watch it and fast-forward the commercials. Sometimes I even just watch the commercials too. There are some disturbing ones out there.

For example, there is this commercial out right now of a guy and a girl unbuttoning their pants and talking about how they aren't sure if they are ready for this or not, and the girl is like, come on, sometimes you just have to go for it. And then you see them in their undies jumping in a lake. Uh, yeah, I don't really want my kids watching that crap... While I'm on that subject, why is it that FOX has to have the SCARIEST commercials on during American Idol. Don't they know that little kids like watching the show? The sad thing is, they probably do know it and don't care. Money is money no matter how they get it or who they get it from... I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Um, where do I start?

This past week has been crazy busy and I think (fingers crossed) it might end after tonight. I haven't even had the time to do a quick blog while I am trying to make my bed. I turn on the computer, (throw my pillows off) hit the user button, (pull up the sheet), hit the OK button eight time because Steve did something to it, like deleted a user and it sends off eight warnings that it can't find something, (put the two pillows we actually sleep on on the bed), hit the internet button and log on (with this long pause I can usually put the comforter on and the four "pillows for decoration" - that would be 10 pillows if I had my way)... You get the picture. I can usually get my room clean during a blog. But not this week.

So, why am I blogging right now? Because I am trying to go to my "happy place" and I am having a hard time. I think this will help me to clear my mind and move on... Here's to hoping!

I am conceited, I know that, you all probably know that too, but I have plenty of times in my life that I am "made low" as the scriptures say, so I don't need any more help in that area...

The "times they are a changin' " and I don't want them too, how do you stop it?

I am losing my mind. I am not really a hypochondriac, but sometimes, the idea of a brain tumor would really explain a lot...

I KNOW exactly what I should be doing, so don't tell me anyway... I could give you a list of things YOU should be doing too, so there!

I get the feeling that some people are a little bothered with me right now, and I can't for the life of me figure it out, I don't think that I did anything, but then again, we've already established the fact that I am conceited...

So, now I am going to go get in the shower and chill, right after I get the door... I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last weeks Madness...

And honestly there is no other way to put it. That is why I missed blogging yesturday. It hasn't ended. It is amazing how things all seem to come up at once. You know it wouldn't be so bad if we had one thing right after the other, but it is like one thing on top of the other.

So, what has this week brought in the way of a good rant?

We have been trying really hard to get back into the kids doing their chores. It worked really well during the summer when the kids were home to have them do some chores. And they couldn't play with friends until they were done. However, now, it is just work. More work than me just doing them myself. I feel like I am having to get on them all the time and remind them that they have to be done. There are some chores that they are supposed to do before they go to school, and I tell you, that Spencer is a slow-poke in the morning. I am constantly getting on him and asking, "Spencer what should you be doing right now?" I can't tell you how many times I ask him that. I know that I shouldn't, and I should just make him get on the bus just once with his Jammies on because he didn't get ready in time, but I just can't do it because I don't think he could handle it.

Jayden has been so clingy. And then way too independent. When I am at home trying to get stuff done, he can't seem to leave me alone. Yet, when we are in public and I need him to stay close, he won't stay by me. He doesn't want a thing to do with me. And sitting in the shopping carts? They don't make those belts good enough to keep him in.
Speaking of shopping, why isn't everything at the store properly labeled with their price? If it were me, everything would have a price tag stuck on it in an easy to peel of sticker. You know what I am talking about because I know that you have all peeled a price tag off of something that just came off so nicely. I would not put the price printed on the tag because then that makes the whole gifting thing a little awkward. Do you just black out the price with a marker? But then what if they want to exchange it? And like Macy's does with theirs where the price is on a little tab you can just rip off, then when someone returns it, the tag is gone, and noone knows it's price. And if the tag is missing you have that delemma of do I want to buy this shirt that someone had and returned? But then, odds are that someone already tried that shirt on before anyway, and who knows if they are the kind of person that doesn't wash their hands if they go to the bathroom? I'm really not a germophobe, but it can be kind of disgusting if you think about it.
Spencer doesn't know where his Nintendo DS is and Jenna doesn't know where her leapster is... Both of which are probably Jenna's fault. She sometimes plays the other kids' toys when they are at school. So, she probably misplaced both of them. Spencer got a DS game for his birthday and hasn't been able to play it yet because we don't know where it is. And of course I am having to find it. Because Spencer isn't the one that lost it, and I have to help Jenna look for it.
Our Relief Society craft night was last week and I didn't go. Because everything seemed SO EXPENSIVE! I have to say that the people doing the projects do a really good job coming up with the stuff, I would make them and actually put them up in my house. However, I don't think they do as good of a job making it as cheap as possible. Now, I haven't ever had to do that, so I can't really talk, but it seems like I have seen projects done in my mom's and sister's ward that were a lot less money for similar projects.
I'm going to say this next thing and then when you are done reading it, forget that I said it mmm K? I hate visiting teaching... I was really excited at first that I got the partner I did, but then now, not so much. In fact I don't know if we could really ever be good friends. And we were kind of friends before. I can not get a word in edge-wise. During chit-chat that is. It seems like before we go she makes this list of things she wants to talk about, and if the conversation even strays from that list, she yanks it back. For example, last time we went, she was in charge of the lesson (just remember that for later). We go in to the first ladies house, and my partner starts in with her list of questions.... The lady we visit gives her answers and I made a little side comment that got the lady we visit off on a little tangent, and my partner goes, "Back to the subject.... (on with her next question)." So then, at the next house, same thing, she starts into her little list of question and when I start to make a comment, I GET SHUSHED! Then, we get to the lesson portion, she hands me the magazine and says, "Here, you give the lesson this time..." I only wish I was kidding. So, now forget I said what I just said.... I'm just sayin' (only you didn't hear me say it right?)
So, now I'll just go get a new attitude...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by a lightning strike?

Aparently they don't like burnt food either... I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been reading the book Gilead this week. I have been getting all kinds of quotes that I really like. I think the reason I am finding so many is because the guy kind of talks like me. He just sort of rambles around and starts to get to a point, then goes off on another point and then comes back to the point, gets off another tangent and then finally comes back to what the point was. I have heard a lot of people say that it is a hard read. I have to say I have been LOVING IT! And it is just for the reason that I TOTALLY simpathize with the speaker of the book.

One of the things he says is, "I do try to write the way I think. But of course that all changes as soon as I put it into words." Amen to that only I would change it to "I do try to speak the way I think. But of course that all changes as soon as I put it into words." For some reason (more often than not) I formulate words in my mind, and then I speak them and it comes out.. totally... and completely... not the way I intended it. I really love it when I think I say something pretty brilliant (I AM conceited that way) and I just get a blank stare back in response. One person was kind enough to just say, "That did not make sense..."

Thanks, because it totally made sense in my head...

Kind of goes with another quote from the book... "You can know a thing to death and be for all purposes completely ignorant of it..." Yea, my kids remind me of that all the time. I think that I know them to death and then they do something that throws that completely out the window. Mostly Spencer. His teacher (we had parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday) said that he is such a higher thinker. And my thought was yeah, but sometimes at the expense of common sence. {I am trying to come up with a good example of this, but for the life of me can't - you'll just have to take my word for it, or ask Michelle, I think I have complained about this to her on the phone PLENTY of times}

One last quote to leave with... "I hope you will understnad that when I speak of the long night that preceded these days of my happiness, I do not remember grief and loneliness so much as I do peace and comfort - ggrief, but never without comfort; loneliness, but never without peace..." Words I think we all can relate to... I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid people

So, I don't have much time... LOTS going on. So, for today, just a quote I picked up on my Brother-In-Law's blog, that is my new favorite!

He said that he found it on one of those websites for "ultra-geeks" you know, one of those websites where people know WAY TOO MUCH about Star Wars? And know how to speak Klingon?

Here it goes...

Never aregue with a stupid person. They bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Really gives you some food for thought huh? I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, it looks like a simple thank-you or a phone is just fine.. So why then am I taking around some candles that say, "You are "scent"sational, thanks for all you do" ? I'm just sayin'...

I am kind of at a lack of words today... I know, that is the sound of pigs flying. I didn't know that could happen! So, for today, Milk or Dark Chocolate?

Monday, November 10, 2008

More Madness...

Okay, what is the deal with Legos?

I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on them in the last week, and so then you can imagine when I see them on the floor and am vacuuming... That's right, I try and run those suckers over! One less Lego to step on is what I say! And for those that know me, that is sayin' something because I HATE to lose pieces! In fact I have been know to dig through the vacuum bag if I know I have run over something. But not those Legos! Only I can't seem to vacuum them up. For the life of me... It is like they have some "magical" property that keeps them from getting sucked up. I run over them and hear them tick around and then, out the fling. I guess it is just one more thing to add to the list of unexplained phenomenon!

What was with the hype of early voting? I could not believe how long the lines people were talking about were. Wasn't the whole point of early voting to reduce lines on election day? As is, I voted on election day and there was NO LINE. Thanks to all you early voters!
Steve got a new calling at church. He is the assistant Executive Secretary. When he was talking to the Exec. Secretary about what his job would entail, the Exec. Secretary was mentioning that they used to have a really hard time scheduling the Young Women to meet with the Bishop. That is until one of the YW mom's suggested sending her daughter a text. And VOILA! Problem solved, they schedule them rather easy. COME ON! Seriously? Those girls need to PICK UP THE DANG PHONE AND TALK! How is it going to be when they get to a job interview at some time and the bossman says, "So, how are your phone skills?"
Her reply? "Uh, I do a mean text!"
Yea, whatever, you can't even text "Do you want fries with that?"
Just learn some phone skills alright. This coming from someone who hates the phone! Can you imagine what it would be like if I could have texted when I was little. I would be an even bigger reject on the phone than I am now!
And while I'm on that subject, don't bring your phones to church! Noone is that important that they need to be available for the three hours during church!
Can you tell I have made a list this week?
My drain in the bathtub is slow. VERY SLOW! It takes a good half hour or more to drain it! In fact I was considering taking a bath yesturday morning, but then didn't. And why I don't just walk downstairs and get a screwdriver to fix the problem instead of blog about it? Not as fun!
So, have a good week yourself! And lay off the textin'. Mmm K? I'm just sayin'!

Friday, November 7, 2008

FYI - Tasmanian Devil Babies...

Did you know that a Tasmanian Devil gives birth to 20 to 30 babies? AND when they are born, they travel independently to the mom's pouch where feed for 100 days. However, the mother only has four places for the babies to feed, so only four babies survive. To make matters worse, those who do not feed, get eaten by the mother...

I know, pretty gruesome, but this leeds into my rant today.

Are we giving our kids what they need?

I have been thinking on this ubject a lot lately. I have been reading a book called "Queen Bees and Wannabees" and let me tell you it is an EYE OPENER! The book is the basis for the movie Mean Girls. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and am glad that I am reading it now. The book says that the height of all the social crud our girls deal with is in sixth through eighth grade. We haven't quite reached sixth yet, but it is coming faster than I can imagine, and I think that it will take me this next year to mold into the kind of parent that my child will need.

For example, the book says that the best kind of parent our kids need is a "Loving HardA Parent". One who will "own up" to their own mistakes and MODEL that once you make a mistake, you can learn from it and be better from it. You love your child unconditionally, but hold them accountable for decisions and behavior that go against the family's values. They don't BLAME OTHERS for their daughter's misbehavior, and at the same time, never make their daughter feel ashamed of who she is.

OK, so I don't know that we have necessarily ever discussed what our "Family Values" are to our kids. I know, I should be taken out back and shot. But you can bet, this next FHE we will do just that! And I know I need to own up to the mistakes I make more in front of my kids and let them see that there are ways of fixing them and show that I learned from them.

One thing that gets me though is the fact that parents do BLAME OTHERS or give other excuses for their child's misbehavior. It kills me when I hear parents excuse their childs behavior saying "They have ADD (or whatever)." I realize that ADD is a REAL problem, but it is not an excuse. Just because your child has a problem with something doesn't mean that you can just let them misbehave. You have a responsibility as a parent to teach them to overcome all. Right? ADD doesn't just go away, adults deal with it to, so do you see adults in a business meeting acting out and saying "Oh, it's OK I have ADD..." No, they would get there sorry self fired, somewhere you learn to deal with it and behave properly, so why not teach them when they are young?

When I was a teacher, I had the opportunity to deal with two totally different types of parents. The first was one day when a girl in class gave me this note that was supposedly from her parents saying that she needed to be in the office at a certain time because her mom was checking her out for a dentist appointment. So, I let her go at that time. Only to have her be escorted back to class later by the VP saying she was roaming the halls. After class, I talked to the VP and he said that her behavior warrented a Truancy and told me to fill it out. As a teacher I liked to have contact with the parents, so after school, I called her mom and explained what went on and why her daughter was getting a Truancy. The mom's reaction was, "I don't know why you guys have to do that, I'm sure she had good reason for leaving class, maybe your class was boring ever think of that? Maybe I should call the principal and complain about you!" Yeah, whatever, she still gets the Truancy and just deal OK?

The second experience was when a girl came to the school and at the time I was the Junior Class advisor and it was election time. The people running for office were supposed to come up with a skit to make people want to vote for them. The girls skit ended up being inappropriate, so we told her that she was going to have to come up with something else. Her mom happened to be there and her mom's response was, "OK, that's the cards we've been dealt, how are we going to play?" And then her daughter came up with a new skit and things were just fine.

So, what kind of parent are you? Are you making up excuses for your child, or are you teaching them how to deal? Are we letting all of our kids "feed" off of our example in a good way, or are we just letting them fend for themselves? Because just like those Tasmanian Devil moms, if we don't, that is just as good as eating them for lunch. Doncha think? I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have been suffering from alergies as of late...

Makes me feel somewhat yucky... And when you feel yucky... you feel like you look yucky... and well, sort of blah...

Anyway, I went to the bank yesturday to deposit some checks and whenever I go to the bank, I do the drive through on the side. If I don't have to take Jayden into a place, well, let's just say I'm all over that. So I pull up along the side of the bank, and I notice that there are no deposit slips in the little deposit slip container, so I push the little call button to ask for some.

So, I am looking into the little "monitor" they have there where right now the person isn't responding so I see myself and I think, "Hey! I don't look as bad as I feel. That little pixelated screen makes me look kind of ... (dare I say?) good, no lipstick, congested face and all!"

"What can I help you with?"

"Do you have any of those deposit slips?"

"Uh, yeah..." He was totally thinking... "This is a bank you idiot."

"Can you send some out?"

Yeah, it totally burst my bubble.... I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What was I thinking?

OK, today I thought I would do a post at my own personal expense. We all need a good laugh after the "Heaviness" of everything else going on right now right?

Right after (I mean within months) of us moving into our new home, Albertson's was having this sale... You could buy A&W Rootbeer 10 for $10 AND there was this mail in rebate that you could get $10 back. So, I did it - free Rootbeer right? The catch (there's always a catch, nothing in this world is free - remember that mmm K?) was that you had to cut out the UPC codes and send them in to get the rebate AND it had to be sent in within 10 days of purchase. So who here drinks 10 2 liters of soda (not Pop) in 10 days? Diet Coke, I'm sure you'd have no problem, but Rootbeer...

So, I have this "bright" idea that I will just cut the codes out with an exacto knife and send them in. So, I get out my scrapbooking knife (because it is new and pretty pointy and will be just great for getting in this somewhat tight space) and start cutting out the UPC's. You know how on the label there is this warning that contents are under pressure? Well let me tell you, that is no exageration! I pierced the 2 liter bottle with the exacto knife ever so slightly, and originally I thought (before I started) that if I did puncture it, it would just bubble and fizz out the hole, and then that would be the one we drink for dinner. NO, I punctured the bottle and it literally EXPLODED! The bottle burst open (almost completely in half). And there was root beer EVERYWHERE! Luckily I was in the kitchen so it didn't quite make it to the carpet (but it got close let me tell you). It was behind the fridge, in cabinets, in drawers, you name it and we found rootbeer in every little nook and crany of that kitchen. Thank goodness Steve was kind enough to help me clean it up. It took us about 3 hours.

So, why do I tell you this now? Because a couple of Saturdays ago, Steve found some more spots of Root Beer under the kitchen counter. Almost FOUR YEARS later! If I was a blogger back then, there would be pictures of it, but for now, you'll just have to use your imagination, I was covered in it and so was the kitchen. I was just lucky no one else was in the room. So here's to people doing stupid things...

Oh, and for those who are wondering how I got the UPC's off, I used the exacto... Aparently stupid people never learn... I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So Laundry Really?

I thought I would hear some more Dishes in the mix. If I had to choose just one, I would vote for the Dishes and here's why:

  1. They have to be done ALL THE TIME! Every day at least three times.
  2. There is never enough room in the dishwasher when you REALLY need it.
  3. You can't hide it when it needs to be done. Your laundry can pile up in the laundry room or behind a CLOSED closet door. Where do you hide DISHES?
  4. All of the clothes can go in the Washing Machine, or you take them to the dry cleaners. The "Dry Clean Only" dishes have to be done BY HAND.

Now I have to admit, Melany has it the worst. If you don't believe me, go check out her comment. SO, she can vote for both, I'll let you!

Today's poll has to do with Thank-yous. What is the best way to say thank-you? With a Treat? With a simple note? A phone call? Or a gift?

Monday, November 3, 2008

This past week...

I need to start writing down the stuff I think of during the week. I know that there were plenty of things that I thought I should blog about today, but can't think of ALL of them. And you know how I get when I can't think of something. It drives me crazy. Maybe I can't think of them though because I am still trying to figure out my plan of attack today. I am going to try and go through as much crap today as possible. And no mom, I couldn't think of any other word for it, because it is all just meaningless crap. Somehow, my house while I keep it pretty clean, just tends to build up "stuff" in these obscure, out of the way places. So then one day you just wake up and wonder where did all this "stuff" come from?

Bad drivers....
Seriously, do you have to weave in and out of traffic? And just to get one car ahead of yourself? Does that make you feel good? Do you actually think you are getting there faster? A couple of weeks ago when I went down to visit some family down South, I dropped Steve off at work and then on the way back home, picked him up. When I was on my way to pick him up, I got off the freeway, and this FREAK, comes zooming up right on my tail while I was sitting at a red light. And then, as we all drove IN A PACK from one light to the next (because we were hitting all red lights) I watched him weave in and out behind me, only to get one car in front of me by the time we were both turning left. Then as we were driving down the next street, I watched him zoom in and out of cars to try and get ahead. I watched him for awhile, and then dropped it because he was well enough ahead of me and then a couple of blocks later, someone came zipping in behind me! Unbelieveable! Then, I realized, IT WAS THE SAME GUY! He got absolutely NO WHERE! He started behind me and ended behind me. And stayed there until I turned off that street.
Sometimes I wish I was like KIT (you know, from Knight Rider - have you seen it lately? It is actually a good copy of the original... bad acting and everything). The one feature I would have on my car is the ability to have messages appear in my back windshield. They would say things like "Get off my Back!" or for those impatient drivers who honk at you when you are turning left and they think that you could have totally made it a couple of times, it would say "I will go when I am ready... Chill". I would also do friendly reminders like "Your blinker is STILL on" or "I like your make-up".
Lastly, (because I can't remember anymore) Halloween. Parents, no, Mom's who dress up well... how do you put it nicely? Oh wait, I don't put it nicely... like a Prostitute. You may call yourself a (wait let me think I what I saw this weekend) peacock or a nurse or a wonderwoman or a cleopatra... But anyway you look at it, you are not... what you are, is dressing up in a costume to make yourself slutty. And 90% of the time, you are not a supermodel, (I'll just leave it at that). And they say, just because you dress up like something, doesn't make you that something, but maybe in this case, they are. I'm just sayin'.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silly Snippet

For some reason I have been having some pretty interesting word verification things to type in during some comments I was makin'. For example, the first one that caught my eye and I am not sure if I remember it 100% correct, it was ahshove, and I was commenting about a "meanie". Then, I was commenting on Halloween being a time that brings out people's "inner-slut" and the word thing was "sidslut" (Read - Side slut). Then, another one I had was ocries. Not funny, just interesting. My favorite though, was "outap" I won't get graphic, but you get the gist right? Come on, RIGHT? I am not the only immature person around here! I'm just sayin'.