Monday, August 30, 2010

The Geek vs. The Nerd

My Sister-in-law and I took my niece out for frozen yogurt the other day... In the process, she was telling us about a boy who is interested in her, but she's not sure about. So I asked her what was the hang up. Here's our conversation:

Neice: He's a nerd.

Me: Nerds are good. Nerds are rich. Its the nerd who ends up being the boss of the jock.

Neice: Not that kind of a nerd, the kind that are in to Star Wars and super heroes.

Me: Oh, well those aren't nerds, those are geeks, so run!

Just sayin'.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm proud of you Brett...

I just have to do a quick shout out to my Brother-in-law Brett. I heard from my sister this week that he did a major shake up in the callings in their ward. {Did I mention he's the Bishop?} I love shake ups. I think that they are a healthy and necessary thing for every ward.

My thought is that if you leave people in their callings too much, they start to get too comfortable, and then they start to relax a little, and then they just kind of stop doing their job. And if they don't actually stop doing their job, they start not doing it right. You start to notice that "burned out" feeling eminating from them. You ask them politely in the hall at church how things are going in whatever area they are over and the first thing you get is a sigh followed by, "It's going..." Then I say, get them out of there. It isn't good for the people they are supposed to be serving, or the people they are serving with who have to pick up their slack.

Have you ever noticed too that when there is a major shake up in a ward, there is a little bit of electricity in the air. There is so much talking and laughing and hugging and comraderie going on in the halls after sacrament meeting, that just seems to energize a ward. People are excited to be doing something else, they are ready to give it their all, they are excited for a new start, a fresh start, and a clean slate. Who doesn't love that. And the more often that you shake up Primary especially, you don't hear the phrase, "I got stuck in Primary" so often either.

So, Brett I'm proud of you, good job! And here's to hoping for a shake up in our ward sometime in the near future... just don't shake me up 'cause I've been shook up quite a bit in the last little while... just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a sight!?

For those who are friends with me on Facebook, I posted something about this already, but there are those of you who don't go there, so "for you, I post again." {Said in a Mr. Miyagi voice - we watched the original Karate Kid the other night, so it's kind of stuck in my head}

I was at Sam's Club yesterday and when I got to the check out area, I saw this guy dressed in slacks and a nice shirt and tie, totally picking his undies out of his bum. Now, there are four things (that I see) wrong with this picture:
  1. He was in the check out area which is probably the most crowded area of the ENTIRE store (besides the sample tables that is). So it isn't like I happened to surprise him by coming around the corner while he was trying to be discreet about it on an empty aisle.
  2. It wasn't just a quick tug and move on. There was a movin' and a shakin' and some adjusting going on. If I ever see you, I can show you the dance because words can't even discribe it... like I said so wrong...
  3. He was well dressed, so I assume somewhat educated. He was buying snack stuff for an office meeting he was having (I heard him tell the checker - we were in the same line). So he SHOULD know better. I mean seriously I don't know how many times a day I tell Jayden to leave his undies alone. Didn't his Mom ever say something to him? Let this be a lesson: don't assume your kid will just "grow out of it" because apparently they don't.
  4. This one is according to Steve: He said (after I performed my reinactment of it) that apparently I stared a little too long. And maybe I did. And maybe if Melissa was with me, she would have gotten after me for staring (is it one r or two? starring? whatever, you get the jist). I know I was as bad as the first time Melissa ever saw a black person in the grocery line. It is just not something you see everyday, so you can't help it but stare. So I guess from here on out I'll have to cut my kids some slack when they are staring at people.

So seriously, people be more careful of what you do in public! Just sayin'.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know, I know... every year I do a tirade on the public school system. Because I think for the most part it stinks and is hugely (is that even a word) flawed. However, not this year...

Spencer came home from school on Friday happy. Really happy. And that has not happened since Kindergarten. He LOVED Kindergarten, he had a fantastic teacher who he thought, thought that he was just the greatest smartest kid ever. And I am sure that all of her students thought that. She was just THAT kind of teacher. She's battling cancer right now (for the second time) and I hope she beats it. The school would greatly suffer if she didn't. However, first grade hit and that was the end of loving school. He started getting teased more and more, and his teacher let it happen. How do I know? I saw it. I helped out in the class and I watched it happen and her do nothing about it. And it wasn't just Spencer, there were other kids getting teased as well, but if the teacher says nothing, then as a kid being teased you are screwed. She was completely unorganized and well, we really struggled with her. Especially considering that Spencer tends to be kind of OCD about things. He NEEDS structure to feel safe and happy. And he didn't have that.

Second grade got better. He had a more organized teacher who actually did a fantastic job. She was well structured and even got to the point where at the end of the year she started teaching them the 3rd grade curriculum. Knowing full well that they would forget some of it over the summer, but also knowing that at least when they relearned it in 3rd grade it would seem familiar. However, the teasing continued. Teasing about everything, his ears being big, the things he was interested in, the fact he doesn't play sports, the kind of underwear he wore (he was pantsed in the 1st grade - yea that was NOT a good year) you name it and he was probably teased about it. Add on top of that some bullying on the bus and we needed a change.

So, at the end of the last school year, I put my name in the lottery for the charter school near us. It opened a year ago, and I heard good reviews about it from two families that are in our neighborhood and I figured it was worth a shot. I was told from the beginning that there was a chance Spencer would get in, but not Jenna because 1st grade was full and there was a waiting list of kids whose siblings got in to other grades. So we waited. Spencer finally got in on the third lottery and so Jenna went on the sibling wait list. That was on a Monday, by Wednesday Jenna was in. It was a small miracle. And really I felt like it was going to be a really good thing for the kids, especially Spencer.

On the Sunday before school started, we got an email from the Principal, who wanted to send out an email reminding the families of the "charter" that the school was founded on. The goal of the school or main focus is Constitutional History. And the charter had a ton of excerpts from Pres. Reagan's farewell address. Seriously! Steve could not have been happier.

On the first day, I worried. All day long. And Jenna of course came home COMPLETELY happy. But I didn't expect anything less. She LOVES to meat new people (I know, whose child is she?). She had a fantastic day. Spencer on the other hand said he had a good day and that things went good, but he wasn't over the top excited like Jenna was. And this went on for a week. Until Friday. Friday he came home from school just beaming. He said that he had the best day ever! And I may or may not have gone into my room and cried...

The test was Monday. Was it just a one day thing or was he finally glad to be in school? So yesterday when I go to pick him and Jenna from school, he gets in the car and was just chatting away. He loved it again. And then this morning when I was dropping the kids off at school, a boy saw Spencer get out of the car, and yelled, "Hey Spencer!" and they went walking into the school just talking away... That hasn't happened in a long time, I just hope that it keeps up... just sayin'.

Monday, August 23, 2010

School Shopping...

I hate it. What else is there to say?

I hate it even more with an almost teenager. Melissa starts Jr. High this year, and we have gone all over kingdom come looking for anything and everything and finding nothing. And who knows how many of the shopping trips have ended in tears.

First on our list is jean shopping... Enough said right? She is at that stage where she fits in the girls clothes still, but then thinks they all look too little kiddish. We did figure out that she could do a size zero short. But finding zeros first of all is a HUGE task and when you add on top of that that you want "short" zeros, the task becomes almost impossible. Then add on top of that the fact that you don't want holes in them, you like the "cute" pockets, the color has to be "not weird", and they can't cost an arm and a leg and you have a "never gonna happen" situation. I finally got wise and told her that we would go online to the JCPenney catalog and order some of what we want and have it shipped to the store, that way she could try them on before we buy them. I know, sometimes I amaze even myself with my strokes of genius.

* On a side note, I am a fan of skinny jeans for Melissa because even if they are on the long side, they look OK bunched by her ankle a little bit. It also allows for some "growing" room. {We can be optomistic too :)}

Shirts weren't any better. We found (I mean I found) that sizes meant nothing. I did more trips back and forth between the clothes and the dressing rooms than I think I EVER have. Trying to get shirts that were not too tight looking or high enough on her was no easy task. I did notice that she likes two different styles of shirts and I talked her into a third style (just to be different). I am guessing that she won't wear the one I picked out much, but it was in the clearance rack and so was super cheap and so if she only wears it a couple of times, it is no big loss.

The funny part about the trip was watching her worry about how much things cost. I gave her a budget before we left and I was amazed that she kept looking at the price tags, and then calculating in her mind how much she would have left if she bought it and then debate about which things she liked the most. The funny part was we bought quite a bit from Kohl's and they were offering Kohl's cash. As we were walking out to the parking lot, she said, "You know those shoes that I put back? I now have enough Kohl's cash to get them!" {As if the Kohl's cash is hers!}

She still has to find a "bag" to take her school books in. I finally convinced her after looking at five different store (no joke) that she should just use one of her little dance backpacks that she has and then after the first day, wait and see what others are carrying and what will fit in her locker and then we'll go out on Monday and find something.

One last note, after all of our school shopping. All of the clothes we bought are still in the bags with the tags on them because after suggesting waiting on the "bag" she decided that she would wait and see what everyone else wore the first day of school and then decide if she likes what she got or not. And then "we could look for other clothes on Monday..." whatever.... I hate Jr. High... Just sayin'.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Weight Loss Wait

This week on Facebook a friend of mine passed on some words of wisdom from her sister. It's the funnies thing I've heard all week and it has really got me thinking... She said, "I'm not addicted... I just need it to cope."

Seriously sister, amen and amen.

This week my lovely little Jenna in all her sweetness came up to me and said, "Mommy, is there a baby in your tummy?"

"Uh, no Jenna, that is just fat..." - followed by me changing clothes...

I am training for a race in October. Steve's work is doing the Las Vegas Ragnar and the original six employees (they are now up to 12 employees - yeah! but that is another post for another time) and their wives are running it together. For those of you who don't know, the Ragnar is a relay race and there are two vans of six people each and between the 12 of you, you run a total of around 200 miles. My part of the race is three legs of about 5 miles each leg. Originally my part was a 3 mile a 5 mile and an 8 mile run, but for some reason it was changed. So, long story short, I have been exercising. With school starting I have been getting up at 6 every morning and doing my 3 miles and then once a week doing 5 miles. The exercising is there. However, I still have this baby of fat in my belly.

So what's the problem? The problem is food. And I am convinced that my food problems are not really food problems, but emotional problems. I'm worried about Spencer. He's started this new school this year in a hope to get away from all of the problems we've had in the past associated with school (another post another time) and I worry THE ENTIRE TIME he is gone. I worry about whether he is making friends, whether he is happy at the school, did I make the right decision to move him - which deep down I KNOW I did, but I still question and doubt myself anyway, and I worry about him making good choices. Then there's Jayden, do I do the preschool thing or not, he still occassionally has accidents and 90% of them are when he's at someone else's house (probably another post another time too).Then I worry about Piano I want to scale back, but I have so many students, plus people who I teach one kid and the parents want to start siblings too, then there's the whole payment issue, this year, I've changed it and I'm worrying if it is going to work or people are going to be OK with it and on and on. Do you get my drift? I've got a lot going on in this little brain of mine that seems to only be getting littler as I age.

And when I worry, I eat...

And eat...

And eat...


And yes, I realize that I am not really all that fat. I do only have 10 pounds that I need to lose, I know boo hoo. Yes, I realize that I have been blessed with a really good metabolism, I shouldn't complain... But I also have this nagging little voice in the back of my mind that tells me, the unhealthy eating is what will kill me in the end. And really, who wants to die in a way that they could have totally prevented?

So I am at a crossroads, I eat because I worry and I can't lose the last 10 until I stop. So the question is, how? When you figure it out, let me know... just sayin'.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's the deal?

Why is it that when Mom wants to do something for herself everyone suffers?

The kids suffer because they are "stuck" with Dad. Dad suffers because the kids are acting like they are "stuck" with Dad, and Mom suffers because she has to deal with the before and after of the kids being "stuck" with Dad.

At least this is the situation at our house. And I am convinced our house isn't the only house associated with this problem. I know that I have kind of blogged on this subject before, but it keeps being an issue, and I keep talking about it.

A couple of weeks ago, Steve went to a Rush concert. Totally had a great time, everyone did. He went with two of his brothers, a friend of his brother, and his Uncle. Called on his way home and couldn't stop talking about the great time he had. Was completely in a great mood the following morning despite the late night. Since he wasn't going to be home, the kids and I got some pizza for dinner, I let them play late with some friends, had a fun dessert and then went to bed. Really an enjoyable evening for all of us. And there was happiness still in the morning from the kids too.

So why is it that I can't go out like that and do something for myself and have the same results? I'm not going to Steve-bash or anything, so I'll leave out any specific details, but seriously? What is so hard about taking over for Mom ONCE in a blue moon and just enjoy the time with your kids? Why does it have to be pain and torture for the kids and dad when Mom is gone? Play with the kids, have a fun treat with the kids, watch a movie together with popcorn, go to the park, go for a walk, explore a weed field near your house together, shoot some hoops at a school nearby (if you don't have a basketball hoop at your house), show your kids how to do a hobby of yours, go get an ice cream cone at Mc D's, make a box of brownies together and then eat them, color together - make mom some cards, do sommersaults in the family room, really it isn't all that hard to come up with something out of the ordinary to do with your kids when Mom is gone. I just suggested 12, that should last you a year, maybe two.

Give Mom [me] a break... I'm just sayin.