Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Injustice of it all!

I bet I hear the words, "It's just not fair!" at least ten times everyday. And no matter how many times I say, "Life's not fair." My kids just don't seem to get it. I try so hard to purposefully NOT be fair. My hope is that at some point it will sink in, but it hasn't yet.

The more I think about it though, EVERYTHING we do screams that life is fair. Everyone has to have an equal number of tries or attempts at things. They all get the same amount of time on tests as everyone else. If there's a treat or snack, everyone gets the same amount. I've even heard of baseball leagues where every kid gets one at bat EACH inning before the inning can be over even it that means 9 outs.

I'm just as bad... Even in my attempts to not be fair. When we dish treat there are four equal pieces cut. Each kid gets the same number of dish days, chores are equally split, each kid gets their "turn" in the good seat in the car. Their bedtime is all the same. If I give Jenna a piece of candy, they all get a piece of candy. Practice time on their musical instrument is 30 min. The list can go on and on. About the only thing I do that isn't fair is their punishments, what works for one doesn't work for any other (because that would be too convenient if it did).

In the grander scheme of things (I'm gonna get a little 'deep' here) life really isn't fair. I know of people who have the worst problems (in my mind) and have to suffer through so many trials, (that make mine pale in comparison) while others get a seemingly "easy" life. I know that in this life, we truly need to be "tested" and I realize that for each person that means something entirely different.

So the question is, if we are to be a "good" parent, shouldn't we be following the same kind of example? The answer is yes, but that is certainly easier said than done. Just sayin'.