Monday, October 19, 2009

My Green Thumb, or lack there of...

At the beginning of the summer, Jenna brought home the little white flower plant that as a sprout was no bigger than the palm of her hand. Then, a friend of mine, Sher gave me the other plant (which for the life of me I can't recall what it is - which is dumb because it is a pretty common one). So, Jenna and I went out back and planted them. We planted them in a flower bed that gets hits by the grass sprinklers and that's it. Then we did nothing, not one dang thing. Just left them there in the dirt and what do you know?

Those things grew! I love that kind of gardening. Makes me wish I had gone out and gotten more and planted them EVERYWHERE! I haven't ever ventured into the world of annuals, but I think maybe next year, I will!
{Seriously, what are those things called (the pink one)? I think it will bug me and I won't be able to sleep tonight.}


Christine said...

Jenna's is probably an impatient - your's a geranium?? They both look great!

Lhone said...

Good luck on knowing what it is...knowing you, I know you would sleep until you know. hee hee.good luck and good night.