Thursday, January 13, 2011

My favorite memory...

I know, I am WAY behind in getting this post out, but I think better late than never. My Grandpa passed away Tuesday night. And I have to say, when my Dad called to tell me, I wasn't sad. I knew that he was happy, and it was WAY overdue. I was just grateful that we got one last chance to see him in October.
In thinking back through all of the great memories of him, I thought that I would just share my favorite one. I think that it describes the type of person he was perfectly. Sometime during me senior year, we went to his house to visit - we were probably there to watch some sort of sporting event I am sure because we did that a lot. And somehow within the conversation, we got talking about mirrors. I told him that I had a full-length mirror that was supposed to go on the back of a door, but it got knocked over and broke. He asked me why it wasn't on the door like it was supposed to be and I told him that we couldn't fasten it to the door because our bedroom doors are hollow and the screws would just fall out and not support it.
Well, wouldn't you know, just a couple of days later, he shows up at our house with a mirror. He had figured out a way for me to be able to have a mirror fastened to the back of my door. He took the woodworking skills and knowledge he had and made a frame for the mirror to sit in that was tall enough to be able to be fastened to the top of the door where there was wood that would support screws. I loved my mirror. Not because I'm vain and loved looking at myself in it, but because he had made it for me just because (as he said), "Every girl needs a mirror."
That is just the kind of person he was.


Lhone said...

it was amazing that he not only knew how to make just anything, but he never hesistated to find a solution to someone else's problems.

Heather - said...

I love that story. What a sweet memory.