Friday, April 24, 2009

I think I'll play it safe...

Back to the issue of spending other people's money...

I could list some specifics, but for fear of what might be read, I'll just keep it in general.

My question to you is this: How careful are we when we spend other people's money?

One specific (because I am no longer teaching) way back when I was a teacher (which I don't know why it shocks me so much that it was over a decade ago that I started teaching, but that is besides the point) teachers got some money that was intended to be used for the classroom. At the time it was $200 that was just given to you. When handed to you it was explained that you were to spend the money on things for your classroom. You didn't have to turn in receipts or show any proof on what you bought, but that you perhaps should keep receipts "just in case" you were audited for that money, but no one had EVER been audited for that money so don't be too worried.

Some people I knew, used the money for their classrooms, others though thought of it as just a little pay bonus that they could do whatever the heck they wanted with it because teachers got paid so little anyway and they felt they earned it. I even knew of some teachers who would use it to by their "work attire" saying that it was being used in the classroom. Somehow, I don't think that was the 'intent' of the money.

So now when I see money being spent, I wonder just how careful people are when it comes to money they have been entrusted with. How much effort do people take to spend the money in the best possible way. It really bothers me when I hear people say that a certain amount of money has been budgeted and you need to spend it all because the next time you won't get as much. Well why not? Maybe if we could actually spend less and have just as great of an activity as we would have with more money, why shouldn't we do with less money the next time? People are pretty creative, and I bet given the chance to do more with less money, they could come up with something. And I still subscribe to the opinion that you don't always need money to do something fun. Just a really good imagination.

Of course, I am not opposed to every once in a while spending a little more for a really great activity, but that should be the exception, not the rule. And maybe if people didn't expect such huge elaborate things all the time, they would be so disappointed all the time.

And really we should be this way with our own money, but even more so when that money is entrusted to us by someone else be it church or school. Especially in this economic down time. When you have someone who is tightening their belt because they have taken a pay increase donating to the school because they think that their childs education experience is a worth while thing, then I think we ought to treat that money as if it is a huge deal and truly use it to make their childs education experience better. And that's all I'm sayin'...


Motherboard said...

I think that a person should be very careful with money they are entrusted with... because of that last part of the word TRUST. You are being trusted to act responsibly with the money.

I feel very strongly about this with regards to church funds. I view those funds as sacred funds. Just because you have it, doesn't mean you should spend it. It is Heavenly Fathers money-- and we should treat it with respect. We should be spending His money in ways that will help bring people unto Christ-- not providing luxury activities for people "because we have the budget and need to use it or loose it".

I could write an incredibly long diatribe about this-- it really has hit a nerve.

Maybe I will.

Lhone said...

I agree with motherboard. Tithing is seriously people's "mite" that they gave as a huge sacrifice and used great faith to give it up. When it is blown on elaborate decorations or meaningless activities that could have been done cheaply instead...well, I just shake my head. For example, I've seen what some girls have done for girl's camp, and honestly I think its too much. fun, but too much. (but I don't want to start any fights either so I won't say more!)

Judy said...

Yeah, when I was on the Enrichment committee we did some activity where literally me and the Enrichment leader along with RS presidency showed up. So 5 in all. We had bought lunch meat, croissants, chips, etc. for a "light" dinner, so the Enrichment leader and I just thought let's not open this stuff and save the budget for something else that people show up to. So, the Enrichment leader told the RS presidency that she was blessing her baby on Sunday and offered to just buy the stuff instead and just bag the activity so the church wouldn't pay all that money for 5 ladies. The RS presidency said no, to open the food "just in case people showed up" (even though at that point we had waited 45 mins already). And of course, no one else showed up. WHAT A WASTE.