Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Somethings got to be up huh?

You know how you see someone maybe once or twice a year, and they ask you, "So, what's new?" And my typical response is "Nothing." Yeah, really in the year since I last saw you, nothing has changed... Maybe a more honest response should be "Nothing worth mentioning." When you don't have a new baby, you aren't pregnant, and you still pretty much do the same dang thing every day, what would be worth mentioning? SO, in the last week, or really month of not having much to say on my blog, what's new?

First of all, I am going through all the stuff in my house again. I know, it's a sickness, I got it from my mom. We used to do what we call trash and DI several times a year. We would have to go through our rooms and dejunk after Christmas before the summer and before school. It's one tradition I have continued, but sometimes I find myself doing it more than the traditional three times. And I am sure it is just because I don't want to actually just clean the bathrooms which is why the house feels dirty. This time it was spurred on a little by some shelves that we got in the basement from Steve's brother. Under the porch we have a cold storage area that we have some shelves in for our food storage, but then it just got to be so jammed packed, we had to move some of it out into the storage room.See? We've been busy. These are the shelves in the storage room. Pretty fancy-schmancy shelves huh? They are on rollers, so they can be loaded from behind! And below is our cold storage area that is now a lot less congested.

Then there's my bedroom. I went through my medicine cabinet and besides the 27 jars of expired medicine I threw out... yeah, seriously 27 bottles of expired meds. Who in the H needs 27 different kinds of medicine, and why would they all have expired like five years ago? Because I KNOW that I cleaned it out more than five years ago because we moved into our house only 4 years ago, and I WOULD NOT have put expired medicine in the cupboard in the first place which leads me to believe I bought expired medicine...The other crazy thing about this particular closet in my house is the fact that I have a bunch of smelly soaps, lotions, and girlie type stuff that is perfectly good, never been opened, and what do I do with it? I don't use that kind of stuff. I have one brand of lotion that I use and mainly because it actually DOESN'T smell. In fact I am very particular about what kind of deodorant I use because I can't stand to smell myself. Occassionally I wear perfume, or maybe I should say rarely. So, if anyone wants some smelly lotion/soap, let me know, you can have it. I am sure that I will have another bar of glycerin soap up for grabs after Sunday {being Mother's day and all}.

Honestly, I could go on and on about cleaning my house, but I won't bore you with the details. So next time you ask me what's new? Just be grateful when I answer with a "nothing" because seriously what really is going on around here just isn't all that exciting. I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

Whatever nothing...You've inspired me. As you were talking I was thinking, yeah...that closet totally needs cleaned out. If it weren't for kids and no time, I would organize all day every day. Thanks mom. (i'm not sure if that was sarcastic or not)

Judy said...

Those are some pretty great shelves aren't they!

Funny that you say that about the smelly lotions. On one of Michael's business trips he bought me some smelly lotion that smells good initally... but it is overpowering within minutes. It gives me a headache after that.

I need to get on cleaning out the medicine cabinets...

Batistas said...

Diego was reading this with me and he said "is she compulsive?" and I said yep! I know deep down he wishes that I was compulsive. He would love to have a house that organized! If it weren't for me it would be that organized..One day LOL