Monday, August 30, 2010

The Geek vs. The Nerd

My Sister-in-law and I took my niece out for frozen yogurt the other day... In the process, she was telling us about a boy who is interested in her, but she's not sure about. So I asked her what was the hang up. Here's our conversation:

Neice: He's a nerd.

Me: Nerds are good. Nerds are rich. Its the nerd who ends up being the boss of the jock.

Neice: Not that kind of a nerd, the kind that are in to Star Wars and super heroes.

Me: Oh, well those aren't nerds, those are geeks, so run!

Just sayin'.


Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Glad to have that cleared up. (Make mental note: Encourage Nerds, run from Geeks.) Too late for me or any of our kids, but there are always grandkids down the road.

Motherboard said...

I may DVR Star Wars the Clone Wars. Every single week.

Geeks are people too. ;->

Judy said...

Well, most times geeks and nerds are one and the same.

Lhone said...

Yeah... I told a guy I liked star wars, and he proposed three was our first date. RUUUNNNN!!!

Brett said...

So, Andrea's last entry was that she was proud of me. Now she is telling people to run away from me? Talk about your mixed messages. (Although I don't like super-heros)

Tori said...

Where do Dorks come into the picture?