Saturday, November 13, 2010

The answer to your maturing problems!

I subscribe to a Daily deal on-line. Everyday, they send me a new deal good for that day only, and here's what was waiting for me in my in-box!

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and say, "When did I get so old? What happened to my face in the last five years?" Instead of looking five years older, it's more like fifteen. There are fine lines creeping up on your forehead, laugh lines framing your mouth, crow's feet encroaching on your eyes, and a fatigued dim topping it off. You miss the supple skin, fresh eyes, and youthful glow of previous days.
If you are aging exponentially, don't panic. Although Enlighten Laser Cosmetics can't skim the last five years off your age, they can certainly remove the damage done to your complexion, with a variety of services that will help you recognize that young, sprightly, woman in the mirror again. Today's deals are an answer to your maturing problems.
Whatever... I don't think I call those "maturing" problems. "Maturing" problems for me always meant having a period at the most inopportune time, or a flat chest while your friends are all sporting C - sized bras, or a zit-covered forehead from using too much hairspray to achieve my "bangs to heaven" look. I mean let's call it what it is... we are getting old!

Steve and I recently ran the Ragnar with Steve's coworkers and spouses. Our team name was "Hard Assets" - they are a bunch of accountants. It is a 195 mile relay race where there are 12 runners in 2 vans. Basically the two vans leapfrog from one exchange to the other and it took our team about 32 hours to complete. I was runner number 12. In our van, Steve and I were the older ones. We had a couple who just barely got engaged (she ran, he drove) and then another guy who has a 6 month old child and another couple who have a 15 month old. When we got in the car to drive down to the race (it was in Vegas) Steve was driving and I was in the front seat and one of the guys goes, "You guys are like the Mom and Dad of the trip." Which ended up sticking, they referred to us as Mom and Dad quite a bit. Then at one point, we were at one of the exchanges and a lady comes up to the van and asked which one of us was runner 12. They said that it was me, and we began talking about the previous run which was an 8 mile up hill run on a rocky trail at 2 in the morning. When we were just about done talking, she goes, "Well, I'll see you at the finish line Mom." Seriously...

I used to look forward to being in my thirties. It just didn't seem like anyone took you seriously as a Mom when you were only twenty-something. However, now that I am here, I wouldn't mind just slowing them down a bit.

I must admit, I am looking old these days, and I swear in the last five years, I have aged exponentially. Those fine lines, crows feet, laugh lines, and fatigued dim topping it off? Check, check, check and check! Having kids will do that to you, but I certainly wouldn't trade any of the last five years for anything, so tonight vefore I go to bed, I am going to look in the mirror, slap on a bunch of age-defying cream and then whatever is left in the morning, so be it! Just sayin'.


Lhone said...

I think having kids early in life ages you exponentially too. I know my single friends from high school look awesome. Still these perky, cute little things. I think the hours of no sleep, and eating junk to cope with the emotional chaos all around also ages you faster. I await the millenium with eager anticipation.

Cynthia Hatch said...

I just think it is really really impressive to be running at your age. Hahaha

Heather - said...

Yeah, getting old stinks. I think you look great, though.

Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Look at the bright side, at least they weren't calling you grandma!