Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Simple Things

Yesterday I found myself saying, "I just ran 6 miles." As in I only ran 6, no big deal. And compared to the miles I've been clocking to get ready for the marathon in a couple of weeks, that doesn't seem like much. But the reality of it is, that is more miles than most people clock in a week, if not a whole month. And somewhere along the line, I've lost sight that it is a huge accomplishment to even run the 6 miles while most people were still at home in bed.

It's got me thinking, that as a society we are losing sight. Somewhere in the hubbub of activities, we are losing the vision that even little accomplishments are still accomplishments, and not to be taken lightly, or given any less worth than they are. Kids are so highly scheduled in so many things, that they are given the time to just enjoy the little things either. The other day, Melissa had a little extra time, so she went out in the yard, and took pictures of the blooming trees, and thought it was the best thing ever.

My sister in law posted pictures of her daughter that she took because it was a nice spring day. It got me thinking of when was the last time I did something just because the weather was nice. Really I can't tell you. It's a sad commentary in my life. I have become so hugely focused on things that the little things haven't mattered as much, and the little things are becoming so non-existent.

I have decided to quit teaching piano. I think I just need to take more time and focus on my kids. The other day I was thinking about Spencer. He isn't a very motivated kid, and he has a hard time taking some things seriously. I tried to think of all the ways that I could teach him how to take more pride in his work, and do a good job, and most of all, WANT to do a good thorough job, and the answer that came to me, is I need to teach by example. I am so caught up in doing so many things, and spread so thin right now, that I am not doing a good thorough job at things either.

So the 23rd of May is my final recital, and then that's it, I'm done. Also, my marathon is on the 21st. My plan is to finish the marathon, cross it off my bucket list and never do it again. Once is good enough for me. I will probably still do half marathons because I actually enjoy those. But the full, not so much {a different post for a different time I think}.

I have one more year before Jayden starts Kindergarten, and I am excited to think that this next year I will be able to spend more quality time with him before he is sent to the wolves, I mean public school. I am excited to be able to focus on other things with my kids also. The past couple of years, I have still had piano lessons in the summer, and I think that it will be nice this summer to plan projects and have the time and energy and motivation to do them. And it's true that piano lessons didn't take up that much time of my day in the summer, but there were some days that it just got in the way of things that my kids needed or wanted to do.

So, I have to say I am excited to finish up old endeavors and take up a new focus in my life. And hopefully help my kids to understand that there is beauty and excitement in the simple things. Just sayin'.


Lhone said...

Funny...I've decided the same thing. I am NOT going to enrol my kids in ANYTHING this summer. No tumbling, no dance, no swimming lessons, no NOTHING. I am looking forward to not doing anything but playing with the kids, getting them to do things the right way because I have the time to sit down with them and do it right. Here's to hoping, at least.

Oh, and 6 miles is a HUGE accomplishment.

James Hatch said...

Was "before most people were still home in bed" a wise crack at me?

Heather - said...

Agreed! We haven't ever enrolled our kids in anything (besides swimming lessons) because since they've been old enough, we haven't known what our future holds...
Sometimes I feel bad about it, but mostly I like the freedom of our schedule.
This summer, I plan on going to the library lots, going to the park, hiking, and just spending time together as a family.
With all of our stress the last couple of years, I've had a hard time being "present". I feel like I'm finally waking up, and I'm really looking forward to the summer :)
Thanks for this post, I needed it :)
Oh, and six miles is beyond impressive. Jealous!

Cynthia Hatch said...

Finding a good balance in life is sooo hard. I really struggle with it. Sometimes I am over booked and other times I sit on my but all day. I hope to take advantage of this time that I have with Ashton before she goes to school next year but always feel like I fall short. Thanks for this post it helps to bring our lives back into focus. :-)