Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clothes Suck!

I just spent the last twenty minutes standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear. I have 17 shirts (I counted) hanging there, all clean and ready to wear, but yet, I don't have anything to wear. I can't wear that shirt because the shorts that go with that, are a really like khaki and I am going to be spending sometime with Jayden today running errands and at the school watching Melissa's program, so that's out because without a doubt that situation means Jayden shoe prints all over my shorts. Those shirts are out, cause they are just to grungy for going out in public. So then, once I weed it down to the three shirts that are OK to wear, which surprisingly are three of the five shirts that I seem to wear all the time.

And you know why I wear those five shirts all the time? {I don't care if you really want to know or not, cause I'm gonna tell you anyway} Clothes fit differently at the store than they do when you get home. Or at least, after the first wash. What is it about washing your clothes that make them not fit the same? And I've tried it all, believe you me I have! I have tried every single cycle or method you could imagine trying to preserve the store quality clothing item, but I just can't get it right. Not to mention, but sometimes the clothes just don't move the way that you need them to move in order to go through your daily tasks. And I am just not all that comfortable with just letting my bra hang out. When I try on clothes at the store, I seriously move my body all around in various positions to make sure that everything stays put and keeps things covered, but for some reason, getting that clothing item home and in real life situations, it just doesn't seem to work. And its not like you can take clothes back once you've given them a real 'test run'. Wouldn't that be nice?

So, then once I had it weeded down to the three shirts (the two other regulars were dirty) I went to the pant options. And why is it that some days your pants fit and some days they don't? And yes, I understand the dynamics of the female body, but seriously, can't our clothes. Can't they make them so that no matter what time of the whatever our body is in, our clothes would adjust to compensate? I do have to say thank heaven for stretch denim! Those old ladies who have been wearing stretch denim with the elastic wastes, have had it right all along. It's just nice that they are a little cuter now than they used to be. However, the only pants I have clean that go with my three shirts, were either not fitting right today or just not very appealing to wear.

So that leaves us with clothes suck, and I'm sitting here in my jammies thinking that I am literally just going to have to suck it up and put on something! I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

Yoga pants. just stick with yoga pants. (and, fun enough, my blog was about this same topic, almost).

Sher said...

I know exactly what you mean! Sounds like we need to have a shopping day!

Judy said...

When I pulled out my summer clothes, I found a pair of shorts that I fell in love with all over again... and I'm wishing I bought 3 pair, in EVERY color. I want to wear them every day.

And now, they're not at the store anymore. You don't find out the clothes you love the most (the few who uphold after the washes, etc.) until it's too late.

Motherboard said...

I never dry anything... except line dry. Dryers are what ruin them and make them shrink. Yeah. that's the ticket. It's not the gigantic order of fries I consumed today! :->