Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a waste

School should have been out like two weeks ago. The kids have all finished with their end of level testing, in fact, Spencer's teacher already had their scores and everything back from the state. So if you ask me, why are the kids still in school? All they have done for the past two weeks and now one more to go is play. And I am fine with having end of the year parties and what not, but not every dang day. Spencer has gone on a 'walking' field trip seven of the last 10 school days and then also on a 'real' field trip to the zoo. Their walking fieldtrips have all included such like visiting the post office, the police station, the firestation, the bank, a grocery store, and two others I can't remember. And the kids are naughty. The lady giving the tour will say, "I need you all to take a step back and not touch this while I am telling you about it." And the kids all swarm around it and start touching it. All while the teacher is just standing there {although that is a different rant for another time} and the mom's who volunteered to go on the fieldtrip are reigning the kids in. So, the teacher's tired of school, the kids are tired of school, and so nothing is being done. So I say either the teacher's keep on teaching, or just let the kids go home. It is just such a waste to do nothing for three weeks, party the last week, but that's it... I'm just sayin'.

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Lhone said...

Brandon's still coming home with homework! If I were you, I would just enjoy the kids being gone a couple more days before they're looking to you to entertain.