Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I NEED to Blog!

I haven't blogged in quite a while... and my mind is muddled. I have found, that blogging is a necessity for me. It is therapeutic and helps me keep my mind clear. Especially when I am blogging because I want to and not because I have to.

So why haven't I blogged lately? Mostly because of Jayden and partly because life is busy. Jayden has this thing with playing on the computer. He loves it! And of course the MINUTE I get on the computer to do anything, he is BEGGING to play. I can usually hold him off while I check my email and facebook, but we all know he is not that patient, so the blogging just gets put on the back burner. Now that we are finally wireless, and can have more than one computer online, I don't have to worry about that anymore. However, now Jayden doesn't seem to care much about the computer when I'm on, and he's playing toys more. Go figure!

And life? It's just busy. It just seems like I always have things that need to be done, and they aren't even the important things. The important things always seem to get shoved to the side and aren't getting the proper amount of attention. I have decided it is time for a priority check.

Melissa is in this Study Skills class. She had an assignment recently about setting priorities and getting things done in the proper order. And while I am completely against the fact that this assignment was for parents and students to do together (because really, that's just what I need is homework for me that Melissa's grade depends on) I actually got something out of the assignment. I am making lists. I make a list of all the things that need to be done throughout my day. Then I go back to the list and write down timelines for when they need to be done. Then set deadlines for each thing, and organize the list according to their level of importance. Works pretty good in getting stuff done. Doesn't solve the problem of me sometimes forgetting to put things on the list... but one problem at a time right?

It's too bad that I haven't been blogging either because I still think about what I would blog if I could, and you've missed some good stuff, that is all lost in my mind somewhere. Bummer for you! Hopefully some of it will come back to me and you'll be able to catch it the second time around.

One of the things on my mind lately, is the fact that I am in kind of an identity crisis. I'm trying to figure out if I am becoming the person I want to become, or the kind of person that I think everyone else wants me to become. There's a difference you know. Only I am trying to figure out what part of me is me and what part is just an act. How do you know? I am determined to find out. Just sayin'.


Lhone said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I think blogging is completely theraputic. When you hear kid's problems all day long, and here hubby's problems all night long, its nice to have a place to put your own thoughts out there. You get things off you're mind, and even can work things out when others comment. I agree! love blogging.

Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Well, I'm just saying, I love both of you - the one you are and the one other's think you are! Hang in there, you'll figure it out.
Great idea on priorities too. Thanks!
Love, Mom

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