Monday, October 20, 2008

Wait! Can I take that back?

I have been reminded way to much lately about a guy I used to date. I will call him "Darnell" (I have to protect the innocent afterall, but my code-name should be enough for those who know him to know EXACTLY who I am talking about). Anyway, he's a nightmare. No way else to put it.

First reminder: Saturday I went to make my kids some pancakes for breakfast, and my griddle broke. It's this waffle iron below that is supposed to be a waffle iron, but it has the plates you can flip over and use as a griddle. I have NEVER used it to make waffles, we got a belgian waffle iron as a wedding gift and just use that for waffles and this for pancakes. Anyway, Darnell's parents got us this as a wedding gift. Funny huh? Did any of your ex-boyfriends parents come to your wedding reception? So, I had to make pancakes in a pan, and this is totally OFF the subject, but pancakes are REALLY yummy in a pan. How do you make them?
Reminder number 2: Steve and I were invited over to a neighbor's house to watch the BYU football game. They are kind of new neighbors and so we were doing the whole "Where did you grow up?" kind of thing. And wouldn't you know it, but he grew up RIGHT BY the guy I used to date. Didn't really know him, but still for that split second when my neighbor says, "Oh, I grew up in {gasp} C-O-V-I-N-A {now I'm hyperventilating!}". And I am trying to decide if I actually admit I dated the guy or not. But then I totally blurb out with a "Blah" and then have to explain myself so I don't look like a complete idiot to my new neighbors.

*sid note* - For those psycho internet stockers (and I know they exist-finish the story and you will too!), I didn't grow up in Covina, just around there. We just met in a round about way.

That is one of those moments when you seriously wish that you can take it back. That you can just zip back in time like Hermione in Harry Potter and just change it all! He just wasn't one of those great boyfriends, know what I mean? I am sure all of YOU have guys like that you dated.

For example, guys that show up at your new singles ward and tell all the guys in your Family Home Evening group that that's your girl, and pass around the word that she's taken. You know, "keep and eye out for me and I'll beat up anyone who doesn't get the message."

Or guys that come and see you ALL THE TIME unexpectedly just to "check up on you" when they live in an entirely DIFFERENT STATE.

Or guys that one day after you have "broken up" just show up at your sacrament meeting, and sit in the back row and glare at you through out. Then do the same in Sunday School. And then when you come out of Relief Society and feel relief that they aren't there in the lobby after church only to walk home and hear a BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! on your front door and when your roommate answers, you hear a "Where's Andrea? We need to talk..." So, you go talk to him out in the lobby and find out that he is ticked because last night he FOLLOWED YOU while you were on a date with someone else and he's bugged because you just don't seem very sad that you've broken up. Yep, that's right I am not sad at all, so go home.

Or, the guy that buys you the Work and the Glory Series (It was popular at the time - and only a couple of books were out at the time) and tells you that he is trying to buy you back.

Or the guy that goes and visits your Dad in CALIFORNIA just because.

Or the guy that finds out where you live AFTER YOU ARE MARRIED and just drives by your house!

That's right, I only wish I was just kidding. And I REALLY wish that I could take it back. Which brings me somewhat to my point (I know that this is long enough). Why are girls in such a hurry to date? It is not all fun and games. And you need some maturity to be able to handle some of these kinds of situations. Don't be in such a rush to grow up, know what I'm sayin'?


Batistas said...

O.K. I hate to add salt to the wound, but do you remember the time that we were at my sisters aparement and "Darnell" was walking down the hall and well should we say um an odd, but common sound came from the hall and another guy said "Dang those corderoy pants do that every time." Just had to add that...we´ve all dated some winners aren´t you glad that we ended up with who we did!!

Andrea said...

I totally forgot about that one! Thanks!

Sher said...

Sounds like a psycho! I had a ex-boyfriend who was really mean to me, and kept calling me up until after I met Clint and then told him to drop dead.
A couple of months ago, I found out that his family went totally crazy, his dad had an affair and his parents got divorced, and he has also gotten divorced.
Sooo glad I never married him.
I feel pretty lucky to have ended up with my hubby. I'm sure you do too!

Lhone said...

Hey, I still have the "Work and the Glory" books, and the jewelry box. I didn't mind him trying to buy you back. I am SO much happier to have the brother-in-law that I have now. Can you imagine? Of course, here's a creepy thought. What if he is internet stalking you and finds your site! shudder...for you...

Joanna said...

WOW! you had it kind of rough in the boyfriend department -- you said it though - don't rush into it. Aren't we glad we aren't doing the dating scene anymore?

Heather said...

I've heard stories about "Darnell", but I didn't know he was such a stalker. I only had one other boyfriend besides James, and it was a little rough, too. Not quite as bad as your stories...
That whole "first boyfriend" thing can be a pain. Maybe I don't want daughters after all.

Judy said...

Darnell... I just can't stop picturing "The Crab Man" (Darnell) from My Name is Earl... any resemblance?

Megan B said...

Wow! Scary. Sure glad you married the twin!