Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad Service

I went out to lunch on Thursday with some of my friends for one of their birthdays. Occasionally I will splurge and get a soda to drink. This time I did. I asked for a Diet Coke (and so did one other lady at the table). When she brought our drinks back, it was DIET PEPSI! Which is disgusting when you are expecting Coke. My friend was very nice about it and said that she wasn't sure if she misunderstood or what, but if she knew that they sold Pepsi products instead of Coke Products, she would have gotten a Dr. Pepper instead. Then she very nicely asked if she could have a Dr. Pepper. The server goes, "I said it was Pepsi, not Coke." Um, no, you didn't I was there and there was no mention of Pepsi. SO, needless to say, I drank my Pepsi (because we all know I am a whimp) and then on refill asked for a Dr. Pepper. I'm not as brave as my friend. The sucky service didn't stop there. The girl was hard to get ahold of to even ask a question. She was not very nice, hardly spoke other than "what do you want?" Then to top it all off, gratuity is added anyway, because our party was too big. So, how do you punish the server for being a dip? I'm just sayin'.

*Funny side note* I ordered "a nooner." That's right, that is what my lunch was called. I did fine ordering it strait faced until my friend sitting across from me started to snicker and then it was all over from there. I could hardly get the rest out.


Heather said...

If you really want to be mean when a gratuity is entered in automatically, just leave a penny on the table in a conspicuous should get the point across. Of course, I've never done that, and don't expect that you would either, but it happened occasionally to people I used to work with. Ouch.

Lhone said...

Do you remember that waitor that was giving me all the attention, and wouldn't give you the time of day! It didn't have anything to do with this, but I like to rub it in.