Monday, November 10, 2008

More Madness...

Okay, what is the deal with Legos?

I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on them in the last week, and so then you can imagine when I see them on the floor and am vacuuming... That's right, I try and run those suckers over! One less Lego to step on is what I say! And for those that know me, that is sayin' something because I HATE to lose pieces! In fact I have been know to dig through the vacuum bag if I know I have run over something. But not those Legos! Only I can't seem to vacuum them up. For the life of me... It is like they have some "magical" property that keeps them from getting sucked up. I run over them and hear them tick around and then, out the fling. I guess it is just one more thing to add to the list of unexplained phenomenon!

What was with the hype of early voting? I could not believe how long the lines people were talking about were. Wasn't the whole point of early voting to reduce lines on election day? As is, I voted on election day and there was NO LINE. Thanks to all you early voters!
Steve got a new calling at church. He is the assistant Executive Secretary. When he was talking to the Exec. Secretary about what his job would entail, the Exec. Secretary was mentioning that they used to have a really hard time scheduling the Young Women to meet with the Bishop. That is until one of the YW mom's suggested sending her daughter a text. And VOILA! Problem solved, they schedule them rather easy. COME ON! Seriously? Those girls need to PICK UP THE DANG PHONE AND TALK! How is it going to be when they get to a job interview at some time and the bossman says, "So, how are your phone skills?"
Her reply? "Uh, I do a mean text!"
Yea, whatever, you can't even text "Do you want fries with that?"
Just learn some phone skills alright. This coming from someone who hates the phone! Can you imagine what it would be like if I could have texted when I was little. I would be an even bigger reject on the phone than I am now!
And while I'm on that subject, don't bring your phones to church! Noone is that important that they need to be available for the three hours during church!
Can you tell I have made a list this week?
My drain in the bathtub is slow. VERY SLOW! It takes a good half hour or more to drain it! In fact I was considering taking a bath yesturday morning, but then didn't. And why I don't just walk downstairs and get a screwdriver to fix the problem instead of blog about it? Not as fun!
So, have a good week yourself! And lay off the textin'. Mmm K? I'm just sayin'!


Heather said...

blogging is more fun than fixing things. Four out of eight lightbulbs have burned out in our kitchen. I bought new lightbulbs to replace them, but that's as far as I've gotten. I'd have to get the screwdrivers out, a stepstool, and I'd probably have to clean the fixtures once I got them would be this whole thing...

Lhone said...

Yes, can't change lightbulbs wihtout cleaning, or else then you would have to take the fixtures down twice.

I totally agree with with the whole phones thing. It drives me crazy that our YW pres was on the phone on sunday so we started late. Seriously? Who is she talking too? I could see the emergency need to maybe have your phone on vibrate, like being on alert for a medical emergency. But also, the text thing is insane. Blaine took a phone from a guy because he was so busy texting it was distracting. They can do without text in church, especially. I must admit, they really are easier to get ahold of in texting, but they aren't developing communication skills. Teachers complain that they do text spelling on assignments. They need to solidify some basic skills like communication, interpersonal, and spelling.

And, good luck with the bath tub.

Mama Mia said...

YOu are a crack up Andrea! Loved reading this...Bruce is Excutive Sec too! Maybe he could "text" Steve some tips!