Monday, November 3, 2008

This past week...

I need to start writing down the stuff I think of during the week. I know that there were plenty of things that I thought I should blog about today, but can't think of ALL of them. And you know how I get when I can't think of something. It drives me crazy. Maybe I can't think of them though because I am still trying to figure out my plan of attack today. I am going to try and go through as much crap today as possible. And no mom, I couldn't think of any other word for it, because it is all just meaningless crap. Somehow, my house while I keep it pretty clean, just tends to build up "stuff" in these obscure, out of the way places. So then one day you just wake up and wonder where did all this "stuff" come from?

Bad drivers....
Seriously, do you have to weave in and out of traffic? And just to get one car ahead of yourself? Does that make you feel good? Do you actually think you are getting there faster? A couple of weeks ago when I went down to visit some family down South, I dropped Steve off at work and then on the way back home, picked him up. When I was on my way to pick him up, I got off the freeway, and this FREAK, comes zooming up right on my tail while I was sitting at a red light. And then, as we all drove IN A PACK from one light to the next (because we were hitting all red lights) I watched him weave in and out behind me, only to get one car in front of me by the time we were both turning left. Then as we were driving down the next street, I watched him zoom in and out of cars to try and get ahead. I watched him for awhile, and then dropped it because he was well enough ahead of me and then a couple of blocks later, someone came zipping in behind me! Unbelieveable! Then, I realized, IT WAS THE SAME GUY! He got absolutely NO WHERE! He started behind me and ended behind me. And stayed there until I turned off that street.
Sometimes I wish I was like KIT (you know, from Knight Rider - have you seen it lately? It is actually a good copy of the original... bad acting and everything). The one feature I would have on my car is the ability to have messages appear in my back windshield. They would say things like "Get off my Back!" or for those impatient drivers who honk at you when you are turning left and they think that you could have totally made it a couple of times, it would say "I will go when I am ready... Chill". I would also do friendly reminders like "Your blinker is STILL on" or "I like your make-up".
Lastly, (because I can't remember anymore) Halloween. Parents, no, Mom's who dress up well... how do you put it nicely? Oh wait, I don't put it nicely... like a Prostitute. You may call yourself a (wait let me think I what I saw this weekend) peacock or a nurse or a wonderwoman or a cleopatra... But anyway you look at it, you are not... what you are, is dressing up in a costume to make yourself slutty. And 90% of the time, you are not a supermodel, (I'll just leave it at that). And they say, just because you dress up like something, doesn't make you that something, but maybe in this case, they are. I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your blog. Its like gossiping without gossiping, and I LOVE gossiping. I especially like how you manage to throw in the little side snippets like how lame you think the new Knight Rider is. But, I can't stand how bad drivers do stupid things. And its never them who is pulled over on the side of the road. Its the mom in the minivan. And, yes, I can't stand how mom's dress up on Halloween. I think they DO think they look good. No one with self esteem would wear such things. I'm glad I didn't use the sailor or Robin costume!

Sher said...

C has been watching the new Knightrider, but I haven't seen it yet. But, I DO remember the old one with David Hasselhoff.
Anway, I agree about the crazy drivers.
And you should have see the slutty outfits on the girls at C's work. Seriously. I felt sorry for those girls. I don't think they realized how ridiculous they look (and that the guys in the office were not oogling them, but making fun of them.)

Batistas said...

Ok so I think that it was like 2 Halloweens ago some friends and I went to Walmart at like midnight. (I know crazy, but it kind of got to be a tradition every once in a while) We were trying to get a jump on clearance Halloween costumes for dress up trunks for our kids for Christmas. Well this lady comes in with a strapless full length wedding dress and high heels. She also has a WalMart name tag on. Come to find out they were allowed to dress up for Halloween, but we couldn´t help but get hysterical when another worker said "how is she going to stock and climb a ladder with that on!?" She definately looked like a slut bride! I could go on and on with fun things that you run into at WalMart after dark in Oklahoma!

Megan B said...

You are hilarious! Halloween for women is an excuse to dress slutty...didn't you know??? And while driving, did you look real close?? Was the driver my VERY impatient Bostonian driving husband??? Haven't seen the new KIT but maybe I'll tune in...Thanks for sayin'!