Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Poll of all Polls...

So, to answer the chocolate bit from two weeks ago, yeah, Chocolate is chocolate and it is all good. However, my favorite is dark. A really good combo is about a 66% cocoa with a Diet Coke. There is just something about the combo that makes me smile and puts me in my happy place in seconds. That said, one BIG NO NO in my mind is mixing chocolate and fruit. That is a major taboo. Seriously, those chocolate oranges (Blah!) or those orange or raspberry sticks (Double Blah!) who ever "invented" those ought to be shot. I will say that occasionally white chocolate and fruit can be mixed, but not the brown stuff, no way, don't mess with a good thing. Our ward gets the women Chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's day and it is always a disappointment. It is the one time I am happy to share it with the fam. Mint, caramel and toffee, are good chocolate additives. My favorite additive to chocolate though hands down would be peanut butter. Do you remember those commercials way back when about how a guy would be eating some chocolate and it happened to drop into some peanut butter? I don't know how it really came about, but I bless the day that it did. I'm just sayin'.

So, what does this new week bring? What is your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving?

Oh, and a side note about the picture below. Yes, that is a dead fish, and those are tears in Melissa's eyes. We have several pictures of her with things she's had to get rid of. For example, when we got a new car, we have a picture of her hugging the old one. Or a picture of her with some artwork from school that I was making her throw out. Or the time she cried forever because she was going to put her tooth under her pillow, but just couldn't bring herself to do it because the tooth fairy takes them. Do you know that she has only ever done it once. That's right, she sacrificed getting money so that she wouldn't have to give up her tooth. She's probably got ten teeth in her jewelry box. Oh, and for you who say that she could just write the tooth fairy a note and ask for her tooth to be left, forget it. The tooth fairy does not condone saving teeth! If she wants the tooth, then no money. I'm just sayin'.


Sher said...

Uh, hello! Ever heard of fondue?!!! Apples/ bananas, strawberries, pineapple dipped in chocolate! YUM!!
I'm with you on the raspberry sticks though. For me, it has to be real fruit.
BTW, on your new poll, my answer would be all of the above. But that's no surprise because I LOVE food!
Thanks for lunch yesterday, it was fun! We need to do that again!

Batistas said...

OK I definately agree with the nasty chocolate oranges and rasberry sticks...blah! But as far as fruit and chocalate go I´m all over it...strawberrys, bananas...have you ever had one of Disneylands chocolate/caramel apples...wow! Yes to chocolate fondue and fruit! Anyways I am most definately with you that my favorite with chocolate is peanut butter! I can never just eat a plain chocolate bar, I have to smear some peanut butter on it! Low Fat :) They don´t really eat peanut butter here so I have had some definate withdraws. I´m sure that Santa is putting peanut butter cups in my kids stockings! Sorry this is going to be long, but lots to comment on...Do you remember the story of when I bought the neighbors tooth for a nickel and then put it under my pillow and got a dollar...priceless! Lauryn tried to leave a note for the tooth fairy when Jacob lost his tooth asking to leave her some money since she had a loose tooth...Sorry sis no IOU´s