Monday, February 23, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy...

You know I'd be watching the Oscars yesterday. That's what I do right?

To start off though, they cut the red carpet to only a half hour. That is the best part. I like seeing what everyone is wearing. For the most part I didn't see much that people should be ashamed of. Most were pretty nicely dressed. I am sure though that by cutting the red carpet coverage down to a half hour they only showed the good stuff.

It didn't seem like there were very many 'stars' there either. Most of the Oscars are given to the cinematographer and the art director. Or costumes or make-up... Get the picture. It was almost boring. And who wants to see some weird guy (who noone knows) talk about his family or who ever. One guy did get up there are personally thank someone who was left of the credits at the end of the film inadvertantly. Oh, let that be me. Noone reads those anyway, and to have you name mentioned at the Oscars, that's a big deal!

Hugh Jackman did an amazing job. Really, the singing and dancing numbers he did in the show were the highlights of the night. The opening number with Anne Hathaway was especially my favorite. He did a song and a dance that kind of 'summed up' some of the movies nominated for different awards that night. I bet you could You Tube it and see it, it was good.

I don't understand why they give an award for best screen writer. Cause seriously, the person acting the scene is going to make or break it for you. You could be the best screen writer in the world and the actor could just suck and completely ruin your 'good' work.

The worst part of the entire evening or maybe it shares the worst with Sean Penn... But the guy who wrote "Milk" got up and goes on and on about how he was so grateful for his parents having the courage to move him out of a "conservative, Mormon community" in Texas (he said the town, but I don't recall it at the moment) and moving him to California where he could live his life freely as he was intended to live it. I take from that, that he has an 'alternative' lifestyle. I take offense to that. Why did he have to specifically mention 'Mormon' in his comments. Cause really, we are accepting of people, just don't let them get married. And I know as a whole that isn't necessarily true either, but still, why single it out?

So there you have it, my take on the Oscars. And if you didn't see it, you really didn't miss much.


Lhone said...

I love that you watch things I'm afraid to admit to watching!! I loved the dance numbers. Blaine thought Hugh should have done Brosnan's part in Mama Mia. Plus, replace Meryl and you would have had something...apparently.

Anyway, fun stuff. We called Sarah Jessica Parker the good witch of the east all night. Hello, big dress. Oh, and Heath Ledger winning? Boo... just because he committed suicide, don't you think?

Motherboard said...

Hugh Jackman is just yummy!

I thought Heath Ledger deserved to win. His acting as the Joker was incredible!

And, he didn't commit suicide. It was accidental overdosing.

I was irritated with writer of Milk too. San Antonio is NOT a conservative Mormon town. Duh. SLC is.

I was thrilled with Slumdog Millionaires! It was a fantastic movie... and totally deserved to win!

Annette Lyon said...

I didn't watch the Oscars this year--bummer. It would have been cool to see Heath Ledger win post-humously.

But I have to disagree on the screenwriter thing. A good actor can ruin a script, sure--but a good script can make a good actor look good too.

Plus, a bad script can ruin an actor's career (think Gigli or whatever it was called--Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. BAD script no one could save).

A lot of actors really owe their Oscars to the script they got to work with. No movie would exist without the person who invented the characters and storyline and put life into them through the script.

There really is a lot to putting those elements together in an effective way that LETS actors earn their Oscars.

(Not that I'm opinionated or anything. :D)