Monday, February 9, 2009

My Take on the Grammys

Did you watch? If not, you didn't miss much. However, here's my thoughts anyway...

  • If you make lots of money as a singer, you don't have to worry about what you wear. Actors and Actresses have to be extremely careful about what they wear, but singer, anything goes. There was MIA (whose pregnant) wearing a completely sheer shirt with three dots on them, covering up the vitals and her tummy and a corresponding dot on her bum. Then there was the lead singer of Coldplay who was wearing a shirt that looked like it was his in Jr. High (too short and ratty) and high water pants. And not to mention a lot of the Rap guys that look like they hit a jewelry store and couldn't decide what to wear, so decided to wear them all.
  • We saw way too much of Carrie Underwood's dummer's bum crack. Seriously, I don't know why the camera kept hitting him from a backside angle, but after seeing it once and then twice and then yet again, that was quite enough of that. Yet, all of the other drummers that they showed during music numbers, were all face shots.
  • Coldplay has some serious musicians in their group. Each one (there's four of them) could play several instruments, and they did. Like the keyboard guy, would be playing with his guitar slung around his back, and then when they needed some guitar he would just sling it in front of him, jam and then in a flash be back to the keyboard. That was one talented group.
  • I spent a lot of time mad at Justin Timberlake. It's stupid, but they had Keith Urban play background to him and Al Green. No singing from him. And for most of show, I thought that it was rip! I was sure that him playing background was all we were going to hear from him, and then Justin goes and sing a SECOND song! And I was starting to get even more bugged, until at the very end, he sang with some other guys a little part, which made it kind of OK, but still, why Justin Timberlake, what's so hot about him? (Sorry, got a little run-on going there, but couldn't stop the rant mid sentence even for a period.)
  • What's the big hype about Sir Paul? It seems like everyone and their Grandma was ga-gaing over him. So he was a Beatle, big whoop. Jennifer Hudson got a bigger ovation than he did.
  • Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, she's looking pretty good these days. I don't necessarily like her singing style, but as far as her physical appearance, she is looking good. And I like the humble attitude better than her old snip at Simon attitude she originally had in 'Idol'.
  • Singers make money for singing, not dancing. And for good reason.

So there you have it, my summary of wasting three hours last night. I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

I forgot to watch! I love ripping those shows just to feel good about myself. Yes...I debase others (especially the rich) just to feel like I have SOMETHING right in my life.

Heather said...

We didn't watch, but now I wish we had...just to make fun. I'm really liking Coldplay lately. If we would have had $1000 to drop on concert tickets, we totally would have been there when they came to Salt Lake.