Monday, June 1, 2009

The daily grind...

So seriously! Do you ever get the point that you wonder how you ever got in this situation? I mean honestly, you are just going on in your life and then wham! All of a sudden, your house is in complete shambles, you have a bunch of projects and activities that are needing to be done like yesterday, and there really isn't anything in your kitchen that you could possibly make into something even remotely resembling a dinner (besides opening a can of soup, but then two of your four kids won't eat it, and there isn't even bread in the cupboard to tell them to make a PB& J sandwich). And yet, I can recall that just Friday I was sitting on the couch in a completely clean house Melissa, Spencer and Jenna were off playing at friends' houses, and Jayden was taking a nap. I was just sitting there thinking that I could just relax and do nothing. And that thought was bliss.

So, how does that happen? What I ask you could have possibly occurred in the last three days that I am suddenly in this predicament? The bad thing is, it makes me not want to do a dang thing though. I just want to sit and reconjure up those feelings from last Friday and then open my eyes and suddenly have it be so.

I am not sure why I am actually looking forward to school being out. I am sure that the kids being home all weekend had something to do with the current state of the house. But I have these grand images in my mind of the kids actually doing chores and being completely productive and wonderful over the summer. I have thoughts of getting a routine established that will continue through to the school year, and only slightly be interrupted by school starting in the fall.

I guess you could say that my state of mind today is all due to the reality check I had this morning. I thought that after getting Spencer and Melissa out the door that I would make a list of things to do today {I do that when I am in a delusional state of bliss - you know, think that I could just about do anything cause I'm miracle mom}. So, I started off writing on the calendar upcoming events this week and slowly realized {oh crap!} all of that is THIS week! And I gotta do THAT this week, and THAT's got to be done too, and all of a sudden my somewhat restful week just went completely CRAZY! So in my state of frenzy I thought that I would at least make sure dinner was a go for tonight, but then realized that of about the five meals I thought I could make, I am missing some ingredients for each one. So to add to my already busy day, I gotta go grocery shopping as well.

So here's to hoping that Jayden cooperates today in what is going to be a rush from here to there! And again that is wishful thinking! I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

That happened to me this weekend too! Completely clean house, to tornadosville.

For summer, put scrapbooking in your schedule.

Batistas said...

I hate it when that happens...about every other day for me!! Can you pencil in the Batista's stopping by sometime the week before the 4th of July?? I would love to see you guys while we are in Utah. Will you be around?