Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been a while!

So why is it that it is summertime and I don't have time to do anything. I think the reality of it all is that we aren't in a routine anymore like we used to with school. I spent the first week of Summer get the kids hooked into a new summer routine and then the second week, that all went to pot!

I started out with making my kids 6 3 by 5 cards, one for each day of the week. Those cards had a list of chores they were supposed to have completed by the end of the day. And then a 'Master Card' for them to mark off when they did their chores. They were totally gung-ho on doing their cards, but then the second week, not so good, and the third week hardly at all. Dang! huh?

Then not only that, but the first week I was doing so great on limiting their computer/game time to only a half hour each, but that has been thrown out the window as well. I guess that's because I have been completely busy myself with other things, and just letting them play on the computer kept them occupied.

So, what have I been busy with? The yard for one. That's right, the yard. I have weeded, tilled and raked every flowerbed we have in the yard, not to mention transplanted several bushes to other parts of the yard. I have also planted several new plants. Then right now I am in the process of covering all of the flowerbeds with some mulch that we got last week. The weather has been so rainy, I have only been able to start putting it in the flowerbeds this week. And when I am all done with it, I will take a picture, so you can see just what a project this was. And then you can understand why 1. My house looks a mess and 2. why my kids have neglected their chores. Oh, and 3. why we haven't had a "real" dinner in quite a while. We've been eating sandwiches, cereal and whatever else is quick and easy. However I am proud to say that NONE of those days have been any sort of fast food. (Although I can't count how many times my kids have slyly said, "Mom, since you are so busy, why don't we just go get some Wendy's?)

Steve is usually the one that does the yard and stuff like that. However he has been so busy this past week with their company moving their office to downtown. He has been put in charge of all of the making sure the new office gets finished, and arranging all of the moving and stuff, so he has been AWOL for yard work. So, once all this stuff is done, we are getting back to a routine! (Or at least for one week until something else comes up!)

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Lhone said...

We did a check list thing for the first week of summer, and like you it is now completely unchecked. Its hard when you just want to be outside, and not doing housework. Maybe in the winter, eh? Of couse, then I just say "its too cold, maybe in the summer!" good for you for doing the yard work, rather than let the weeds explode!