Thursday, June 4, 2009


Each of my kids seem to be different in their sentimentality (I don't know if that's a word, I just made it up it means some are more sentimental than others). Melissa saves everything, Spencer could care less, half of the time, it is me rescuing stuff I want to scrapbook out of the trash. Jenna seems to not care so much either. I have been wondering how Jayden would be, and now I know! I have thrown this:
away who knows how many times! And yet each time, it finds its way out and on the floor somewhere. I guess I now know that I have to throw Jayden's stuff away in the outside garbage if I don't want to see it again!

I have actually gone to the box method of saving things. I put all of my kids' stuff that is 'special' to them in a box downstairs. And then when the school year is over, they have to go threw it and decide what they want to save and what is OK to keep. However, the catch in all this is they only have 1 plastic bin of stuff they are keeping 'forever' (or so they think) and if that's full, they have to go through that stuff too and decide what stays and what goes. I know, I'm a mean mom, but if I didn't my house would be filled to the brim with school art, know what I mean? They honestly do like five art projects everyday!

What are your kids like? And what do you do about it?


Batistas said...

I trash pretty much everything!! Bad mom! I can't control the clutter. It takes over. Lauryn wants to keep everything and Jacob is getting better. He will go through his drawer where he keeps things and throw most of it out. My mom saw a show with a great idea. They took pictures of things they wanted to keep and then made a book like from Shutterfly with all the pictures to save.

Judy said...

What a great idea (from above - Batistas) to take pics of them and then throw them away.

You told me about saving stuff in a box, and it has helped me. I have a box in Sam's room. I tell him that if it's important to him, it better be in that box, if I see it out of that box I can throw it away. When it he's gone I'll sift through the crap and get rid of stuff... the box has never even been close to being full.

Lhone said...

I told Brandon, who wants to keep everything, that I'll decide what to scrapbook and then I choose after the year is over a few projects. I saw on Good things Utah that the lady goes to kinkos and take her kids' art work and makes a copy of it, but at 1/4 the size so 4 8X11 artworks fit on one scrapbook page. THAT sounds like a great idea. Get a lot of pictures on one page. I'll admit, Brandon has done some really cool projects like a Butterfly out of his feet imprints. cute, and shows the size of his feet right now. How do you throw that away!?? (i'm as bad as the kids in this)

Christine said...

I have to ask: Who came up with the "one-box" method? As I remember it, your mother had "too many boxes to count" when she married your Dad.

Bill T. Hamm said...

Dude! Lisa is SO The 'thrower awayer' of our family. Don't let her fool you with the "I'm as bad as the kids on this" bit. Her use of the word "Bad" here reveals her moral opposition to saving stuff. I knew she gets it from her family. Thanks for verifying the genetic factor here. ;)

My take on it: On one hand, I appreciate that Lisa counters my 'keep it forever' mentality on stuff, so we don't have too much clutter. On the other hand, part of me cries out, "Is nothing sacred to you, Woman!" as she throws away the paper cup from which she enjoyed her first Chick Filet Lemonade a month after the momentous occasion. (I had been saving it for her in my car, since I knew how special that moment was to her.) Anyway. . .her loss.