Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let the Countdown begin! {Mostly}

Every time summer comes around, I am pretty excited to have a break from the school thing. It is nice to not have the constant battle every morning of:

"Eat your breakfast."

"Are you eating your breakfast?"

"What are you supposed to be doing right now?" {Answer: Eating breakfast}

"Well if you are done now, why don't you put your bowl away and go get dressed?"

"Are you planning on wearing your jammies to school?" {Replied: no}

Followed by me saying: "Well if you don't hurry up and get dressed, you will be 'cause the bus is coming in like 5 minutes."

{You get the picture.}

So when summer comes around, it's nice to not have this conversation every morning. But when it gets to the point where we are having conversations such as, "You can NOT stay in your jammies all day." And "Just because you don't have to go to school, doesn't mean you don't have to brush your teeth."

And when our fights are sounding like this:

"Mom! Melissa BREATHED on me!"

"Mom, Spencer is looking at me like a weirdo!"

Or, {my personal favorite} Spencer and Melissa telling me that they are sick and tired of Jenna doing her "I get whatever I want face - and she knows it!"

The countdown officially begins and I can't wait! So here you have it, 12 days until Melissa and Spencer go to school.

{I am a little nervous yet for Jenna to start school, so the countdown for her will have to wait another year.} I'm just sayin'.


Lhone said...

ugh...don't remind me.

breathed on me...classic!

Michelle said...

We are counting down as well!!!! I saw the comercial for office depot (I think) where the guy is dancing in the isles while the kids are sad and the background music is "The Happiest Season of the year" or something like that. That cracks me up everytime. I am dreading it too. Full day kindergarten is really hard on kids. They come home sooo tired.

Sher said...

Oh, I hear ya! I'm so anxious for school!
And my slow child is going to afternoon kindergarten this year. I figure that maybe if I give him 3 hours to get dressed, he might be to able to get done in time.

Motherboard said...


the end.

cindy said...

That commercial has been on the television for a last time. It still cracks me up! I see Dean on that shopping cart when you kids were going back to school. Some things don't change. Mom