Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Stuff and then Some Tunes

I have always wanted to play, but part of the rules in playing the Random 10 Friday, is you have to have a playlist. Which up until this past week, I have not had one. However, thanks to Melissa who set me up, I've got a playlist and I'm going to play. For those of you who are not familiar with Random 10 Fridays, I got the idea from Motherboard and Sher. The rules are you ramble off some of the random thoughts you've got going around your brain and then at the end, you hit your music player to play randomly and then list the first ten songs that get played. The idea is to get some ideas for some good music. For me though, the idea is to hear what random stuff people have going around their brains. Although, every once in a while I have stumbled across some good songs.

So, random thought #1 has to do with my playlist. I had Melissa put on songs that she thought would be considered some of my favorites. She did a pretty good job, although I think there are quite a few songs that would actually be considered my kids favorites. There is one, "Don't You Want Me Baby" that for some reason, my kids and I all like to sing along with when it comes on the radio and I mean belt out at the top of our lungs sing. I guess you could call it our theme song. Just don't listen to the words to carefully. Funny thing is, Spencer was always excited for it to come on the radio when he was a little tike and now Jayden is the same way, I guess they are brothers.

Why is it that some people have embarrassing moments, and they make great blog posts, but I have an embarrassing moment, and it becomes a "yeah, you only wish you knew" kind of moment. I may someday be brave enough to post it, but it has to do with some girlie stuff, so it borders on the maybe too graphic to post. So why it is that some people have "embarassing" moments and I have "humiliating" moments is beyond me and from my perspective completely unfair.

I also have this remarkable talent for putting my foot in my mouth. I mean seriously it could be listed as one of my best worst qualities. The dumb thing is, you would think that by now I would have learned to think before I speak, but the problem is, I HAVE thought before I spoke, I just didn't hear it in my mind the way it actually came out. Those moments are the worst. Like the time in the past couple of weeks where I was taking a picture with two other ladies. Neither of whom I am very good friends with, we just happened to be standing next to each other in the food line, and the person taking the picture said, "Scoot closer together." To which I replied, to the lady standing next to me, "I guess we have to pretend to like each other." I say that all the time to my kids and it's no big deal because they know that they really do like each other, but I guess you shouldn't say it to someone who thinks that you don't actually like them. And the truth is, maybe I don't, but I didn't mean it that way.

When you are counting down the days until school starts, do you count today or not. School starts here on the 24th, and today is the 14th (I think, but since the kids aren't in school I really don't keep track of the days actual date) so does that mean there are 10 days left, including today or 9? Just wondering.

We have officially gone (well almost, the summer's not quite over) the complete summer without taking any sort of a vacation. I feel jipped and I think my kids feel jipped. What are my kids supposed to write about in the ever popular first day of school assignment, "What did you do over the summer?" We've stayed busy, but nothing real exciting. Kind of sad if you ask me. It almost makes me feel like I want to hop in the car and go somewhere for this last week of summer. Any good ideas?

So there you have it, here's some tunes:

  1. Love Story, Taylor Swift
  2. Slipping Through My Fingers, Meryl Streep
  3. Lie, David Cook
  4. Our Last Summer, Benny Andersson
  5. Viva La Vida, Coldplay
  6. I'm Not That Girl, Idina Menzel
  7. Crush, David Archuleta
  8. Touch My Hand, David Archuleta
  9. SOS, Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan
  10. Home, Daughtry

Bonus: Human, The Killers

Thanks for letting me Play!


Michelle said...

Let me just say I enjoy your blog before I chew you out! My kids learned the words to the Taylor Swift song while at your house and they sing it allllllll the time. Rebecca has made sure that both Tyler and Meagan know the words. At first I thought "How fun a new song. Its kind of cute." Now that I have heard them sing it a million and one times, I am a little tired of it. And we have only been home how long? And when I ask nicely for them to sing something else they come out with the veggie tales song they learned at your house and that one is annoying. Even hearing it only once. And I have heard that one a billion and one times too! So thank you! By the way, a Taylor Swift CD is on Rebecca's christmas list. And yes, my kids already have christmas lists and your kids own everything on there already. So thank you again!!! They had a fun time at your house and I am paying the price!

Lhone said...

love the randomness. I look forward to more. and if its the humiliating moment I am thinking of, mine was worse, much worse. We'll have to share sometime.

Motherboard said...


Trust me. My humiliating moment is WAY worse than all of yours. I just haven't' blogged it yet.

It's actually quite therapeutic to blog your embarrassing moments...because then you don't take yourself so seriously. I know of a few people around here that I WISH would do that and get off their high-horse.

I read your comment about blogging on Sher's blog. Is someone bashing again?

Sher said...

Yay for playing!

Love all your random thoughts! Great playlist!

I have yet to blog my most embarrassing moment. And the moment that I have actually admitting to being my most embarrassing moment isn't really my most embarrassing moment. Just the 2nd more embarrassing.
Maybe someday....