Monday, August 24, 2009

Random stuff and then some tunes {a little late}

I missed Friday. I took the kids up to my Mom's house to get in one last fling before school started. We even stayed the night at my sister's Friday night and enjoyed hanging out and playing.

While my sister Michelle was visiting, I made pancakes for breakfast one morning, and she was surprised to find out that I made homemade syrup. I DON'T like homemade syrup, but Steve prefers the homemade syrup and so I would make it for him and it seemed like my kids liked it better too, so I thought it was kind of a waste to buy just me syrup. However, one day while my sister was at the store, she picked me up a bottle as a litte "gift" and it tasted so good! Not only that, but the next time I made pancakes, I put brown sugar on my pancakes followed by syrup. It is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to eat for breakfast. Thanks Michelle!
Last week when we were out shoe shopping for the kids we happened on an accident where an older model car had hit a newer model SUV into the first row of cars at a car dealership! Yeah, tell me that wouldn't suck! There were at least three of the brand spanking new cars that were affected. How would you like to call your insurance up and explain that one?
Another thing I witnessed last week was a Dad and son almost getting hit by a commuter train! There are two sets of tracks along the freeway nearby, and a father and son were walking and stopped to wait for a slow freight train to go by. Only the "genius" was waiting on the other set of tracks. Which I didn't think anything of it until I heard the horn of the commuter train. I looked up, the dad looked up, the kid looked up, and they FROZE! I was surprised though that the commuter train was able to stop so fast. Cause if not, yeah, that would have sucked.
We watched the new Hannah Montana movie this weekend. {It came out on DVD} I thought that there were some good entertaining parts on the show, but I can not stand those parts where the characters are faced with a predicament and then doing such crazy and obnoxious things to try and get out of the predicament. When all they had to do was be honest in the first place and it would have been so much better and easier. There was a little too much of that in the movie, that I considered it obnoxious.
I have had a hard time lately coming up with things to make for dinner. It seems like we are eating the same things over and over again. Even my kids seem bored by the food I make. I swear every meal I hear something like, "Not this again!" Not only that, but when I go in the kitchen to start dinner, I feel like I just made that meal last night. It's not the case, but it sure feels like it. Where do you come up with your ideas?
Well, that's it. Now for the tunes (since it's back to school, I did a playlist full of sings that remind me of my school years).
  1. Please Don't Go Girl - NKOTB {I went to their concert my freshman year of high school}
  2. Istanbul (Not Constantinople - They Might Be Giants
  3. Bicycle Race - Queen
  4. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
  5. Don't You (Forget about me) - Simple Minds {This was actually our senior song}
  6. Right Stuff - NKOTB
  7. We are the Champions - Queen
  8. We Will Rock You - Queen
  9. Oh L'Amour - Erasure
  10. Summertime - NKOTB

Bonus: A little Respect - Erasure

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