Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OK, so I didn't get as much cleaning in yesturday as I wanted. I did everything but my room. Bummer because it stinks to spend so much time cleaning only to have a MOUND of laundry left on my bed. AND yes, it is still a mound I just shoved it on the floor and went to sleep. At least when the kids asked me what they could wear this morning I told them to look through the pile on my floor.

For the record on my post before this one, I may have said that Brad Pitt was yummy to look at, but George Clooney is more my type. At least the George Clooney from the old ER days.

I'm feelin' good today. I had a much needed break last night. I enjoyed spending some time with some of my probably best friends from around here. Sher left me some chocolates that she made, and I had them for breakfast. (The chocolate centers were my favorite BTW). Then when I went walking this morning, Kathy gave me some really good ideas for my kids for Christmas shopping, so I think I could actually be motivated to finish. Wouldn't that be nice.

I think I am even motivated enough to do my Christmas card and get it sent out soon. I am not however motivated enough to do that pile of laundry on the floor, I think that would ruin my mood.

Melissa's even doing good with her friends. In fact she even has a playdate scheduled with one for Thursday or Friday. So I am happy about that. I almost don't want to gush too much over this mood I am in right now because it seems like everytime I feel the world is right, something happens to ruin that, but for now I am just going to relish the fact that life is good, the kids are healthy, my house is mostly clean and I am happy. So here's me sending good vibes your way, I hope you are all great too! I'm just sayin'.


Motherboard said...

I'm trying to catch some of that Christmas Cheer. Maybe you should throw some a little harder at me??

Lhone said...

Knock on wood!!! Knock on wood!!! You can NEVER say life is good. It'll all turn to ----. I'm glad you're happy though. I am feeling TOTALLY overwhelmed! That's why I'm blogging.

Judy said...

Glad things are going well for you. I'm jealous that your house is all clean! That was my goal yesterday while it was so snowy to go out, but I wrapped gifts instead. So, still messy house. Hope your mood continues!

Heather said...

If only I were motivated to clean...but alas I'm not. I'm glad that you're in such a good holiday place. What's your secret? I feel pregnant, even though I'm not...weepy, nauseated, tired. Darn birth control!