Saturday, January 3, 2009


The funny thing about New Years Resolutions this year is everyone says their only resolution is to simplify and then have a list of about a hundred (I'm exaggerating of course) things that they are going to do to simplify. But that's it isn't it? Simplifying means doing a bunch of things differently than you already do. And why is that?

I think in some ways, we have gotten our lives totally out of hand. I really try hard not to over schedule my kids. They have just one activity that they do, and then piano. However, when you add in all of the homework, chores and church stuff they got to do, it gets a little much. Not to mention that we are trying really hard to read our scriptures everyday, which I know, {gasp} we really haven't done that one hardly at all.

So, what is my New Years Resolution? To spend each moment of my day in the best way possible. So when I am faced with a choice as to what to do with my time, I want to do whatever would be best at the moment. For example, if I am faced with some dirty dishes or laundry yet am so cotton-picken' tired, a nap just might be the best use of my time. However, if there are those things that just HAVE to be done now, I will choose to do those first instead of blog. We'll see how it goes.

I did add one rule to my list of blogging rules though. I have this list of rules for blogging so that it doesn't overtake my life. The rule I added was I have to be dressed and showered before I blog. I absolutely H.A.T.E doing the everyday things. I hate showering, I hate having to brush my teeth, I even loathe washing my hands after I go potty. I know, you think that's disgusting, but I didn't say I don't do it, I just said I don't like doing it.

Jenna's got excema. It isn't as bad as I've seen some people have, but she gets these patches of dry skin on her arms and hands, and especially during the winter I have to make sure that I rub some steroid creme on her arms daily. And that drives me nuts because it won't end. My only hope is that someday she is old enough and responsible enough to do it herself.

So, I know there is really no rhyme or reason to this post, but so be it. Maybe you learned something about me today... I'm just sayin'.


Heather said...

I know what you mean about resolutions. Like you read on my blog, I have three, but they are three HUGE things, that encompass a ton of little goals/lifestyle changes.
And, I also hate the day to day things. Showering is a pain when I feel like I could be doing other things, washing my hands is a pain because then the tape on my fingersplint gets wet and I have to re-tape it, brushing my teeth is a pain (literally) because of the whole weird feeling thing in my lower lip - not really numb, but doesn't feel normal and is really sensitive - getting dressed is a pain because whatever I wear will just get dirty...but I do all of them anyways.

Wow, I'm a complainer. Add that to the list of resolutions!

Sher said...

Are you bagging on me for saying my resolution was to simplify? Cuz, really, I'm getting rid of crap in my life. That's what I'm doing. I don't have a million little goal like losing 70 lbs, and donate to charity or whatever. I'm just going to focus on my little family, and forget the rest!

Judy said...

I think that's a great resolution.
I also hate the day to day stuff, it's nice that you feel the same. I thought it would be better giving Kate her daily meds when it was 2 quick puffs instead of 10-15 mins in front of a nebulizer... but no, I still struggle giving her daily puffs morning and night. And my vitamins... they're right there on the counter to be taken after I brush my teeth... but I just look at them and I struggle to take them. Half the time I don't.