Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yeah, whatever makes you feel like less of a skank...

I've already confessed that I watch trashy TV, but last night kind of took the cake. First of all, it was the dilema of the century because there were so many shows on and I HAD to tape 24 for the hubby, so I was left watching 3 different shows all at once. It was the one time that I was actually wishing for the picture in picture feature.

So, first of all The Bachelor... It is kind of ironic to see a girl sitting in the trashiest bikini of all time smile and call some other girl a tramp. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black huh? And then in the first episode, the girls were all supposed to 'vote' for the girl they all don't like the most, and then they go and give her a rose, so she stays. However, last night then, the girl who got the second-most votes, goes off on the girl with the most votes about how everyone can't stand her. Did she forget in just one-weeks time that everyone doesn't like her almost as much as they don't like the other?

The next show that had me just shaking my head, was Momma's boys. It seems like everyone on that show has either posed for Playboy or Penthouse. One of the girls who has been open about it for a long time said that her family is happy about it, so why can't everyone else? And in her own words, said something like we are all born naked and walk around naked, she just gets paid for it. Um... yeah... that makes it better. Then there's the girl who was Penthouse pet of the year in 2008 and she has been keeping it a secret. In her defense, she at least realizes that it may not be the best thing to do for a good reputation, but at the same time, what is she thinking? It's going to come out sooner or later, and what then? She's already seen all of the other girls kicked off for the same thing. But maybe he'll like her more and just excuse it because after all, he likes her more (only she hasn't seen how much we've seen him 'liking' the other girl too).

I know, why do I waste my time? I am thinking the same thing right now, but I like watching other people be stupid and I like being in on all the secrets and them totally in the dark. What I really want to know, is while all the guys are condemning the girls for being trashy, why aren't any of the girls condemning him for kissing all of the girls, isn't that just as trashy? I'm just sayin'.


Judy said...

I like trashy tv too. My mom would be mortified... I think I would be a closet watcher maybe if she were still here.
BUT... as for the Mamma's boys. I think that guy likes the girls because they were in the trashy magazines. I think he will like Erica more as soon as he knows she was in penthouse. Mamma's Boys has to take the cake on the trashy tv though. I feel like I have some standards because I don't watch the likes of Jerry Springer.. but Mamma's Boys feels like that sometimes and I do feel a twinge of guilt.
As for the Bachelor... is it just me or are all the girls particularly crazy this time around!

Lhone said...

yeah, Judy, the bachloretts are crazy this time. Like the one that came in with the dorky teeth in to meet the guy. Great first impression. mamma's boys is my guilty pleasure too. Blaine was forced to watch it last night because I had control over the hospital remote -HA! That made me realize what kind of trash I watch when he isn't around. I can't believe that Erica hasn't told him that she posed. That is why Meghan went home, and he is going to end up with Amanda just because everyone else went home, not because she is his first choice. Why do girls think they should trick someone into liking them. If he doesn't like her, then wouldn't it be better to find someone who would like her? As for JoJo's mom, why did she come on the show if no one is going to be good enough for her boy. So dumb. None of the guys are going to stay with their choice because there will be too much tension between the boys and the moms. If the boys had come home and said, "here is my choice" the mom's would have had to deal with it. Now, they will know that they would have rathered someone else. Should we have a finale party next monday?

Sher said...

Wow. Living vacariously, are you?
I haven't watched any TV in like a month (except the Unit, I can't miss that one!!)
But, starting tonight I'll be watching because AI starts!