Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confessions of a Closetaholic...

I have actually started this post three different times, and just couldn't quite decide what to include and not include. Afterall, somethings are better left my little secret... However, here it goes...

Ever since I was little, I have always been aware that there are some things that you should and shouldn't like. But I also found that sometimes you just can't help it, if you like it you like it, and as long as noone finds out, big whoop! For example, I LOVED to play Barbies. Which is no big deal, little girls should like to play Barbies. However, I liked to play Barbies clear past the age where it was socially acceptable. So, I would either hope and pray my little sister would ask me to play Barbies with her and say, "Well, I guess so..." Or just play quietly in my room with the door shut.

So I guess you could say, I have been secretive about certain things for a long time. But not anymore, here are some things I am willing to admit, I like...

  1. Hostess. I don't know how many people I hear say that they can't stand to eat them because it is nothing but lard or whatever inside, but I say "YUM!" Bring them on, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Zingers, Hohos, you name it, if it says Hostess on it, I love it. The one exception is those Snowballs, only if you take the yucky coconut stuff off from around them, then I will eat those.
  2. Pillows. I have always liked Pillows. I had a squishy pillow, two actually clear until I got married. Then Steve made me get rid of them. I think he was worried about how many germs they had in them. If I could though, I would own hundreds of pillows. I would fill my bed with them. I love to just sit in a pile of pillows, kind a like a nest, warm and comfy.
  3. Shoes and Jewelry. I know, what girl shouldn't like those? However, I never have admitted it. They are just so expensive, and if I had all the money in the world, that is what I would buy. I also don't really do the jewelry thing because I don't know how to do the jewelry thing. I see some people with such cute necklaces on, but I don't even know how to pick them out to go with an outfit.
  4. Fast food. McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, you name it I like it, in fact I don't think that there is really any fast food, I don't like. Even the cheap Chinese you can buy in the mall.
  5. Comfy clothes. If I could wear sweats and yoga pants 24 hrs a day and look decent I would. I have seen others wear comfy clothes and look great, but I just can't pull it off, maybe it's because I don't own any nice sweats. All the ones I own I have had forever and so they all look ratty.
  6. Butter. No margarine or spread crap for me. Just straight butter and lots of it. I don't for obvious health reasons, but I would love to just smother anything with butter. You know that commercial where there is a family having baked potatoes for dinner and the Mom sticks a cube of butter in each one? Yeah, that would be about right. {I guess this isn't a closet-type thing because I don't actually endulge myself in this one, but occasionally it is nice to put on a little extra butter every once in a while.}

Well, I think that that's enough of a confession for one sitting. Besides, I can't let it all out of the bag at once. So pardon me while I go eat a Twinkie... only I don't have one, so I guess I'll just drink a Diet Coke instead. Cause that's more healthy... I'm just sayin'.


Judy said...

That is funny about the Barbies. My mom never let us have them. I used to ask for them, I even asked Santa for one one time, knowing I wouldn't get one. Then one year my sister bought me a cheap hollow one from what was closest to the dollar store at the time (Pic-N-Save) and her boobs caved in. Then when I was about out of that phase of life... I did get a skipper doll.

I'm with you on the twinkies and ding dongs! Sometimes my dad has them at his house and that is always a good day. I love fast food and shoes too, and comfy clothes... I can see why we're friends.

Sher said...

I don't remember ever playing Barbies. But I probably played "house" till i was way too old to play it.
And I really don't like any Hostess products. None of the above. Too cake-y for me. I like candy and cookies better.
Definitely with you on the shoes and jewelry, though!

Lhone said...

Maybe we should have been twins. LOVE hostess. I once watched someone eat an entire box of twinkies, and she was a LARGE women, so I of course looked down on her, but was really jealous that I couldn't endulge like that. LOVE THEM!

As for Barbies, glad I could help. I loved playing barbies with you, you were always so creative with them.

Blaine likes the pillows thing too. We have 7 king sized/body pillows on our bed, and I'll come in and he'll have actually created a nest out of them. you'll have to try it.

we'll have to go for chinese sometimes. Yum... and for butter...have you met mom?? I wonder where we get it from? One word...popcorn.

Are yoga pants not socially acceptable 24 hours a day. CR...AP!

Lhone said...
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Lhone said...
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Momza said...

If there were an award for the most honest blog today...I'd vote for you!
What a great post confessional!
I wish I lived next door to you so I would know someone who is absolutely unafraid to be normal!!

Love it! I'll be back!