Friday, March 6, 2009


Don't you love that word? It just so totally fits with everything else about it. What a creepy word to describe all of the other creepy things that you are going to have talked about for the next 51 minutes. Yep, 51 minutes because noone I mean NOONE dares to ask questions. So they schedule the 50 minutes for the info. followed by 10 minutes of Q&A and 1 of that 10 min. get eaten up with "So, any questions?" "No, no questions, really there is no such thing as a silly question." "Usually the questions we get asked are really helpful." "In the past we commonly get asked about {insert whatever here} and the answer is this" {Honestly if it is such a common question maybe you should just consider adding it to the presentation and then save us only 5 min. to NOT ask questions.}

Honestly, the whole thing was just great. I have actually had a couple of conversations about said topic with Melissa in the past. Sometimes it's because she asks questions, or sometimes, I am just that kind of mom and want to make sure that she is not the clueless kid in school. So, today wasn't anything that she hasn't heard from me in the past. All except for the FANTASTIC animation about how to insert a tampon properly. Which seriously and in all honesty was probably THE MOST HELPFUL info of the entire 51 min. Cause how in the world do you explain that to someone? Showing them is alot more helpful and the fact that it was a computer animated presentation of it, well, that was fabulous! As in Sharpay, HSM 2 F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Isn't technology wonderful?

So, how exactly does a Maturation class go? I LOVE that the first thing they do is pull up a powerpoint presentation that the first slide is a comic strip about how it's an embarassing subject. You know, put everyone to ease, and then second slide is a full on onslought of all of the crazy words. I won't name them all here, {you're welcome} but you get the idea. I had to stiffle a bit of a laugh though when that was quickly followed by a bunch of the girls saying to their friends, "EW gross!" What is so funny about that to me, is that is completely for show, cause seriously most of those girls are genuinely 100% interested in what is going to happen to them, and want to know all the stuff, cause let's face it, they are also 100% terrified and knowledge is power baby, and they want the power. However, if they say the "Ew gross" comment, they are publicly stating their discomfort and are then free to soak in the rest of the info without social backlash.

So, the power point presentation went through all of the physical, emotional, and social changes a girl goes through. All helpful info, but like I said nothing that I hadn't told Melissa before. Then there was the video that Playtex put out. So of course, it had plugs in it periodically for their different products, but like I said before, with the amazing technology we have out now, it puts that little filmstrip we used to watch in 8th grade biology to shame.

So, one down and one to go. I will go with Jenna, but Steve, he will have to go with the boys. That's how it works right? I do have to add here though that Melissa {and me for that matter} was very mature about the whole subject. She asked questions, she expressed her concerns and her fears, and overall, I think right now she is not in any hurry to grow up. And I'm not either, she's already moody enough, I can't imagine how it will be when hormones kick in overdrive.


Heather said...

I can't believe that Melissa is that old already! Though I also can't believe how long ago it was that I graduated from high school...anyways.
James already told me that he is NOT handling any of that stuff, and we have three boys...where does that leave me? :)

Motherboard said...

The tampon demonstration was where I lost it laughed so hard that the whole row was looking at me.

I successfully gave Thing 1 another reason for years of therapy!

Batistas said...

Just a note to your sister in law...I had the entire play by play discussion with my son and it wasn't painful at all. I was preganant and we were alone in the car and he asked how it all came to be and I layed it all out. It was perfect timing and wasn't akward at all. He was 8 at the time and some may think that is too young, but I'm glad that he knows and won't get any sicko kid at school trying to tell him wierd things that he may or may not believe. As for maturation I just remember in 6th grade the cheesy movie when the mom brings home Sams Club size boxes of every sanitary napkin and tampon you can think of!

Sher said...

That tampon demonstration would have been helpful 20 years ago! Sheesh!

I had a little "mini talk" with KJ the other day. I was getting ready and putting on deoderant, and she asked me why Moms wear it and not her.
So, I seized the opportunity and told her a little bit about puberty and how you start to sweat more and grow hair. And I started to tell her about Menstruation, and she said, MOm stop, I don't want to know anymore.

I thought it was funny.

Lhone said...

Those classes cracked me up. Kids trying to act all grown up and stuff. GOod job talking freely with things with Melissa. Mom told me that I could ask her anything, so I asked how sperm would get into my body, and she said, "You don't need to know that" and ran out the door. Um...okay...Don't worry, I figured it out!

So the movie, Yeah, I had to figure it out in college (just the tampon thing). Blaine was going to throw me in the pool during a ward water fight(or was threatening) so beforehand, I was worried about the pad disentigrating in the water. SO... I had to look at the pictures on the pamphlet to figure it out. I did it for you, Baby!!