Friday, March 13, 2009

Why do they call it 'Enrichment'?

Last week, the Primary President gets a call from the lady in charge of the Enrichment meeting, that happened to be last night. She said that they have noticed that the ladies in Primary don't attend Enrichment night very often. So, they would like to envite the Primary to not only come to Enrichment night, but to sing as well. Well, let me tell you, enviting us is one thing, but making us sing? Come on! I graciously hid behind the piano and just played, but to all the other Primary ladies who sang, you did a great job! And for the enrichment people, next time, just ask us to come.

As for the actual "activity" last night, I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing. The night's theme was "Angels among us". They had a dinner, which I had nailed from the beginning, angel hair pasta and angel food cake for dessert. I had also hoped for heavenly hash (the ice cream) but knew that wouldn't be on the menu. The food was good. As for the program, there was a family that sang that "Angels Among Us" song by some country person that I can't for the life of me think of dang it! {Hate when that happens} Followed by people sharing experiences and what not about people who have helped them and been their own little 'angels'. Followed by inviting those of us in the audience who wanted to share our own experiences or whatever to feel free to stand up and share.

I don't mean to sound callous, or make light of anything that was said because it was all good, and sure, people cried. However, that is not my idea of a great time. It was all just a little too heavy for me. Considering I have had a heavy enough week with life going on around here, the last thing I wanted to do was go listen to crying, cry myself, and then have to sing (or in my case, play the piano). Next time, I think I will just skip it and make a run for Coldstone... Care to join me?


Lhone said...

Name the time and place!! I too am at the stage of life where I need a night out, not to ponder the deep meanings of life, but to blow it off and party. But, I know there are those women who need that as their get-away, so I guess they have to appease both.

Motherboard said...

I skipped it and watched ER. You should have come over. It would have been WAY more fun. Just sayin'

Nora's world said...

The song is by Alabama... and I am with you 100%. ESP if there is dinner. It is much harder to arrive late and leave early.

Lhone said...

You were SO RIGHT. I shouldn't have gone. It was EXCRUCIATING!! They talked about oil and water not mixing, and how it seems like good people don't mix with trials, but they get through it any way. did you understand that? Because I sat for 2 HOURS just totally confused at the analogy. Awful. Bring on the laughter and fun.