Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sometimes Controversy can be fun?

Way back during my Freshman year of College (it actually doesn't seem like way back, but almost 15 years ago kind of is way back don't you think?) I had a roommate who went on Acutane. If you don't remember Acutane, it was an acne medication. If you were to get pregnant while on Acutane, it could cause all sorts of birth defects, so her doctor insisted on prescribing birth control while she was taking Acutane. It put her Mom in an uproar. Why should her daughter who was not sexually active have to take birth control? Back then, birth control was associated with even more mood swings, nausea, and irritability. So she faught and faught until the doctor agreed to let my roommate have Acutane without the birth control. I wonder if the benefits of birth control we have now, the little to no period each month, would have caused her Mom to react differently.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who said that her daughter has been asking to get some birth control simply to lessen her periods. Which sent us into a very interesting discussion...

One opinion that was stated was the fact that if she was on birth control, if she ever got into a situation with a guy, there wouldn't be the fear of getting pregnant holding her back from doing stuff with the guy.

Another thought was that if her periods right now interfere with her being able to function normally, then why not?

Yet another thought was would going on birth control at a younger age cause problems in the future, fertility-wise?

Then, on Datelines, "What would you do?" Last night, they were discussing teen-use of birth control. The situation they set up, was where a 16 year old girl went into a pharmacy with a prescription for birth control and the pharmacist refused to fill ther prescription due to 'ethical' reasons (a.k.a. The doctor just was morally opposed to giving a 16 year old birth control). The program wanted to see how people reacted. Most people sided with the girl. Only one guy, who was a dad with a daughter that was 16 as well, sided with the pharmacist.

SO, what do you think? I've tried to not interject my opinion (although I do have one) so that I get honest feedback from you. I'll post my opinion another time.


Lhone said...

Yeah..I want to know your opinion. You're not backing out right?

Tough question. I have a lot to say about this! Having the most horrific periods I've ever hear of (sorry Brett) I'll say that birth control has literally saved me! Going off the patch, however, I think did make it harder to get pregnant with BJ than any others. So, if you are 16 and on that for a long time?... bad idea. The IUD hopefully doesn't mess things up, but I think it very well could (we'll see in a couple of months!). Of course, I have a bad what you need to just to survive. Figure the rest out later.

Motherboard said...

Birth control for me is like this:
Add water and you have insta-bitch.

I can't do it. I am a complete crazed whack-a-do.

That being said, I would have to really understand and know the situation and the girl I think every situation and every girl merits revisiting and reevaluating what our answers would be. There really isn't a clear cut answer here.

But I could be wrong. That happens a lot! ;>

Judy said...

I think recently there was the same sort of uproar when they started requiring girls 11-12 yrs old entering jr high (or something like that) to get the vaccine for cervical cancer... they wondered why their daughters needed it when they weren't sexually active.

I think it's crazy that she freaked out over the birth control when she was going on acutane. First of all, if she had acne bad enough to use that stuff... then the girl needed help. Usually birth control clears up your skin too(certain types of course). I've heard people going on it just for that reason...

As for the 16 year old not getting birth control with a prescription and the pharmacist not filling it... that's stupid. She could just turn right around and buy condoms without a prescription. Dumb. And if she's 16 and sexually active, and wanting birth control... Good for her for not having a teen pregnancy... BUT she should probably use a condom anyway because of STDs...

Motherboard said...

I did get my teen the cervical cancer vaccine and here's why. I can try my hardest to make sure that SHE stays sexually pure. But, I have no control over her future spouse. What if she marries someone who converts later in life (like my husband did) to the church? They won't have had the same standards... and that shot will protect her from that. She can remain pure... but her future partner may not.

Make sense?

Judy said...

Just to clarify... I wasn't saying it was a bad idea to give the teens the cervical cancer vaccine. I was just saying that there was the same sort of uproar as the lady who didn't want her daughter on accutane and birth control. But, I agree with you. I feel like there is never any harm in protecting your kids, in any way possible. Even if by some chance my kid messed up, I'd be sad... but I'd want them protected.

Sher said...

When I was 19, I took acutane. I was single, and on my own insurance, and I simply told my doctor that I wasn't sexually active and so I didn't have to take birth control while I was on it.
I did have a friend in HS that had to take 2 forms of BC to be on acutane, though.

I think it depends on the situation. If for whatever reason my teenage daugther needed to take birth control, I wouldn't want the fact that she was taking BC eliminate the fear of getting pregnant, thereby encouraging her to become sexually active. But, in all honesty, I don't think teenagers are thinking about the side effects of sex. If they are going to do it they will do it regardless.