Friday, March 20, 2009

What more could I have done?

Honestly I don't think there was any more I could have done... I tried to turn my stuff in on time, actually early even and you wouldn't take it. You told me that it would be alright to hang onto it for a bit. I even asked you twice. Then I told you that this happened to me two years ago, but still you assured me it wouldn't. But guess what? I was right, it happened again. And it makes me mad.

That's right, Jenna got put into morning kindergarten. Just like Spencer got put into morning kindergarten. With Spencer, they had us turn in our kindergarten registration at kindergarten round-up. And while we were turning in our packets, they asked us for our preference, Morning or Afternoon. I requested afternoon, she wrote it down on his registration packet, and that was that. Then it comes time for us to get our assignments in the mail and it says - Morning Kindergarten. SO, I called several times I called and it wasn't until I actually got the principal on the phone (by some small miracle, he actually ANSWERED the phone) and we got it changed.

So this time around, when it came to registering Jenna for Kindergarten, I filled out all my forms, however, I couldn't get her shot record fully completed because you can't get all your shots until you are five which was this month, not by February 20th which was the registration deadline. So, I got on the phone to the school's office, explained the situation with the shots, and asked the office lady if I could just turn in all the other stuff and then turn in the completed shots after they were done. She said sure. SO I got all my stuff together, went to the school, and tried to turn my paperwork in and this time, the head secretary of the school said to just hang on to all of it until the shots were done. Then she said, "Did you have a preference for teacher?" To which I said, "No, but I do have a preference for Afternoon Kindergarten." Then I preceded to tell her about my situation with Spencer and so I would like to make sure that it gets written down somewhere that I want Afternoon. She then assured me that if I turned Jenna's packet in on March 20th when she got her shots (that's when her appointment was scheduled for) we would be OK.

Secondly, the secretary called here after the February 20th deadline to ask about the whereabouts of Jenna's registration packet. So I reminded her of what we had talked about above and she said again that it would be alright. Then I once again asked her about requesting for Afternoon Kindergarten, and just wanted to be sure that before they started to make class lists, they had written down somewhere that I wanted afternoon. She assured me that I would be fine.

But no, when I went to turn in all my stuff, the asst. secretary told me that I was not fine. Jenna would be getting morning kindergarten. I am just hoping she is wrong. And somehow we can just sort this all out. For now, it sucks, I'm just sayin.


Sher said...

I requested afternoon for TJ, too. And he hasn't gotten his whole shot record turned in because I'm a bad Mom, and thought he'd gotten his shots when was 4, but he didn't so we have to go back for round 2 this month.
I hope they don't rearrange it, that will screw everything up.

Lhone said...

ARGH... I thought i had Britt's shots done at 4, but our drs. nurse said they weren't all done. She is going to scream (literally) when she finds out. I haven't told her yet. Happy birthday? No such thing(Seinfeld).

Good luck.

Batistas said...

Sorry about that! Don't you hate when you spend a ton of time to make sure that something goes right and then it doesn't! Ticks me off! Anyways I was reading your past blog about things you like and well about the hostess...I can and do eat just about anything, but the only hostess item that I truly love is powdered donuts!! Oh baby I could eat an entire box. About the twinkies, my uncle uses them when he makes strawberry shortcake. Ever tried that? Oh and about the barbies...I think that Kelli and I played barbies when we were packing up our house in Chino...I was like 17! ha ha ha

Judy said...

I am hoping for morning for Sam... but here I heard if you dont request that don't even think about getting it. So, I'm surprised that if you requested afternoon you didn't even get it! I don't think we'll find out for a while though, I heard August, I hope it's not that long! But that is maddening. I would be bugged too.

Nora's world said...

Interesting... here, people desperately request AM kindergarten (so much so that some stay get in line at the school the nigh before). We haven't officially registered Nora, so I would love to hear your reasons for loving PM.